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‘Mummy! I Know what you are going to say!’

I was finishing loading the dishwasher, when that emergency alarm bell rang in my head. You know the bell. The one that sounds when things suddenly appear far too calm and quiet to actually be a good thing.

I ran into the lounge preparing myself for the devastation. Nothing, but no children could immediately be seen.

On into the toyroom I stride, where I see the twins sitting at the table watching the wall intently. As I turn the corner there is Noah, black pen in hand, talking to the twins. I glance at the wall and to my horror it has been scrawled all over in black pen!

I take a deep inhale of breath ready for my lecture.

Me: ‘Noah’ I say in my sternest teacher like voice. ‘Look at what you have done…you have

Noah: (Interrupting quickly) ‘Mummy!’ he says. ‘I know what you are going to say!’

Me: (Taken aback) ‘Well, erm, well…what was I going to say!’ (Still trying to sound cross but feeling a smirk coming on)

Noah: ‘You’re going to say that you MUST NOT write on walls, only on paper!’ (Clearly we have had this conversation before)

Me: ‘Exactly Noah, so I shall ask again. Why have you drawn on the wall? This is very naughty!”

Noah: ‘Because Mummy (slight sigh, as if I am really stupid) it says TOY ROOM, DO NOT WRITE ON WALLS, ONLY PAPER!

Me: (Stifling a giggle)’Sorry BBwhat do you mean?”

Noah: (Very slowly, so that stupid Mummy understands) ‘It says TOY ROOM, DO NOT WRITE ON WALLS, ONLY PAPER! Now everyone knows!”

Absolutely …clearly that is what this says!

Mummy, I know what you are going to say, Multiple Mummy

Of course - now why didn't I see that?

I had to walk out the room trying to hide my laughter!


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