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MUMenTum Week 2: Good intentions!

This week has been an improvement but I am beginning to realise that there is a lot of psychology and behaviour attached to food and the way we or I eat and I need to break a lot of bad habits.

My weeks started with the best of intentions. I went to the shop and spent a fortune on ‘healthy food’ and filled my fruit bowl with bananas, Kiwis, blueberries, raspberries, grapes and strawberries. Here is my beautiful fruit bowl!

Thing thing that I have found out quickly is that they don’t last very long! I think the idea is you should actually eat them and not leave them there to look pretty. I have eaten bananas and strawberries but the rest of the fruit has stayed in the bowl and shrivelled up. I did attempt a really healthy breakfast of weetabix with strawberries, raspberries and blueberries. It looked so colourful but I took one mouth and gagged. The raspberries were revolting, they made the milk taste funny and I just couldn’t eat it. The strawberries were delicious and I gobbled those up. I did try really hard, but I know my pallet is that of a five year old!

However on the positive I have been having a fruit smoothie every morning (2 of my five a day) a banana as a snack (3) and two vegetables with my dinner!

On top of that I am taking my Berocca every morning. It does remind me of drinking dissolvable medicine but I just down it. I think it has given me more energy, however it does make you wee go a disturbing fluorescent yellow colour!

I still need to improve on the drinking more front and I have cut down on the chocolate. I know I said last week I would cut it out for two weeks but I have found if I just have a taste then I don’t need to binge so much.

I do think I am getting healthier though.

Plus I am having a skinny day today (you know those day where nothing scientifically like mass or size is different but psychologically you just feel skinnier!) This has put me in a very happy mood, so I am feeling more positive.

I have been walking everywhere locally, but unfortunately with BBwalking with me, it is slow pace (no power walking momentum!) and once we have inspected every leaf, twig, stone and maybe a bit of dog poo, which is his latest fascination, even though we have been out ages I don’t feel I have really worked out. However is you read this about getting them in and out the house, and you will see I do get my fair share of physical exercise!

So this week my plan isis to continue to have a breakfast and my five a day and my vitamin, but I am going to see if i can go on a couple of runs this week, or get the Wii fit out! That is my mission and if next week I have not done it, you are to tell me off! Also feel free to nudge me to have a go during the week, by twitter and if anyone wants to time a half hour run so we tweet when we leave and when we get back that would be cool!

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19 comments to MUMenTum Week 2: Good intentions!

  • carole

    I think you are doing brilliantly and I know what you mean about buying to much fruit ect I made the same mistake last week. I also bought things that just sat there and went off. This week however I have made a note of all the things I did enjoy and have bought them, no point in wasting money on things that you think you should enjoy just because they are healthy

    I hope you have a great week and get some exercise in when you can. x

  • would like to be ayummy mummy

    Good luck on the exercise front this week. Sounds like you are trying and the vitamins and 5 a day will make a huge difference. Your fruit bowl did look lovely even if it didn't all get eaten. We have a huge fruit bowl each week but it gets demolished really quickly. I call my girls fruit monsters!! keep it up and I know exactly what you mean about skinny days. Hope you have lots more over the next few weeks x

  • Bloggomy

    Hi came to be the first to use your new Disqus!! @Bobbity666 xx

  • Muriel

    Well done for being so motivated! I am feeling fat and guilty now…

  • jessies_online

    I hope that is the drink in your glass and not your wee!!

    Well done with the fruit Kerry…one step at a time.I keep all fruit except bananas in the fridge so they manage to stay fresher for a lot longer, I hate over ripe fruit.
    I don't think I'll be joining you on the Twitter run….running doesn't agree with me….but I'm quite happy to time you!!
    Good luck for next week

  • mummydaddyme

    It sounds like you are doing really well Kerry- I am very impressed. I like the idea of that breakfast- what a shame it wasn't very nice. I am not very good with fruit,I don't eat enough of it. And I agree with you that it is a lot about the psychology. Good luck with the exercise, I hope you do it. x

  • MultipleMummy

    Thanks lovely. Try smoothies, they are working for me as they don't feel like real fruit. x

  • MultipleMummy

    I might take you up on the timing…No it is not my wee, but not far from it. Ha ha

  • MultipleMummy

    Don't feel guilty, there is always tomorrow.

  • MultipleMummy

    Thank you, I am touched! x

  • MultipleMummy

    I wish my kids would eat fruit. They are terrible! :(

  • MultipleMummy

    Thanks. Going to stick with the fruit smoothies!

  • NewMumOnline

    Well done you are doing brilliantly – I too need to drink more water.

    And I am having Bercocca's Boost every day but not noticing an increase in energy. I am tired all the time lately.

    I see you have now installed Disqus.

    Looking forward to seeing you later in the week.

    Liska xx

  • Paula (QWERTY Mum)

    You only have to look at your fruit bowl to feel healthier x

  • workingmumof4

    I had to force weetabix and a banana down when I first started my new healthy eating plan but I have actually got used to it and quite like it now. Glad to hear that is not your wee that would be worrying lol.

    Good luck this week x

  • MultipleMummy

    If only that would work! I am a good starer!

  • Coombemill

    Very brave to put your diet on line. Good luck and hope it works, just the idea makes me want to eat something naughty!

  • Inside The Wendy House

    You are sounding really motivated. Well done on the five a day! As my hypnosis says "anything more than nothing" takes you towards your goal, so the walking, although not power walking is still exercise. Well done you!! xxxx

  • NewMumOnline

    I thought I religiously commented on every Mumentum post but can't see a comment of mine here – confused.
    Will read the post and see if I recognise it – otherwise I am going slightly mad – doh! xxx

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