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MUMenTUM – Week 1 (Take 2!)

It has been a mad three weeks for me. I had my Mum stay with me for one week, my Dad visiting for another, three cases of chicken pox, three trips to London, one chest infection and a partridge in a pear tree. Needless to say that eating well and exercise have not been at the top of my agenda.

I have had some exciting news which is that I am now blogging for Freya (the underwear company) as I won their blog star competition. The blog is called Fitting Talk. This means that I will get some fabulous products to try out. Don’t panic, I won’t be modelling them. I have a teaching career to return to and don’t need to give teenagers ammunition, but I do want to feel good in them (for hubby viewing only) and that means shaping up.

Interestingly I was measured for bra size whilst visiting Freya and found that I was two cup sizes bigger than I thought and 4 inches smaller round the back. They suspect that 80 per cent of women wear the wrong size bra, so for an immediate confidence boost get measured. It does not matter if the size is bigger or smaller than you thought as once you have a correctly fitting bra, your boobs will look so amazing you won’t care, and if your look anything like mine (I call them my strained teabags) after feeding you will be so grateful!

Anyway I digress. I am calling this week one again ( even thought it’s Tuesday) because after I post this I am off to the shops to ensure I have healthy options and alternatives. I am going to get some smoothies, fruit and veg, some bran flakes and cereal bars and I am going to cut out chocolate bars (not drink) for two weeks to see if I can reduce my addiction.

Carrying water around wherever I go because did you know (and I hope this is true) but your brain cannot detect thirst, what we think is thirst is a dry mouth and that is because we are already dehydrated. Our brain will mistake thirst for hunger to get fluid from food, so often it is useful to have a drink before a snack to see if that puts the hungry vibes at bay!

I am also going to take a vitamin everyday, so that if I don’t get my 5 a day I know I have the vitamins, and I am going to walk everywhere more, especially now the weather is drier. The only thing that really stopped me before is that taking a triple buggy is hard work and BBcould not walk too far on his own, but he has got so good now.

So there we have it, my new Mumentum resolutions which I intend to stick too, as we have Cybermummy and I have Centre parks to get in shape for.

Might include some sit ups as well…erm might be pushing the ideas to far for my first week. Keep them achievable Kerry says a little voice in my head!

Lots of luck lovely Mumentum ladies.
Please nag me lots!

If you want to join in head to New Mum Online where Liska who created this will tell you all about it. The more the merrier!


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8 comments to MUMenTUM – Week 1 (Take 2!)

  • would like to be a yummy mummy

    I love Freya bras, I had some really good nursing ones too! Wow, what a difference getting measured made. I bet 4 inches difference around your back made you feel thinner!! I really need to go and get measured again. Good luck with it all this week and am sure you will be looking fab in your new underwear very soon xx

  • The syders

    Congratulations for winning the freya comp…Thats fantastic!

    Thanks for the info about water, thirst & hunger…I have heard that before but had forgotten…thanks for the reminder (filling up my water bottle right now) x

  • Inside the Wendy House

    Great post! I thought I was a 38B…turns out I'm a 36DD that sounds far better! Keep up the positive energy and you'll be feeling fab in your undies in no time!! xxx

  • Liska

    I read that Freya post and did not realise it was you. It was TRULY FABULOUS.

    Lovely to have you back with us. You and your partridge and pear tree. Funny girl! :-) LOL


  • Claire

    I seriously need new bras! I stopped BF 2 months ago and I am still wearing my tatty nursing bras. I went to Bravissimo before I fell pregnant for a fitting but I hated the bras I left with as they were really uncomfortable and too tight. So I am a bit dubious about trying again. Good luck this week! xx

  • Katie @mummydaddyme

    Congrats on winning the comp again, I already congratulated you on twitter. I think the water thing is a good idea, I may try that one too, I just don't drink enough! Hope this week is good with all the cutting out of chocolate etc! x

  • Mummy and the Beastie

    It's so exciting about Freya, you must be thrilled to be getting new underwear to try out. I am guilty of not getting pretty underwear and am so fussy with bras!

    Well done on getting the fresh fruit and veg, the hardest part is making sure you use it all up before it goes off! I wish they lasted longer xx

  • Michelle Twin Mum

    So glad you won the competiiton!

    You have reminded me about multi-vits. I must start doing that again, will buy some this afternoon.

    Hope the week is going well. Mich x

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