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Multiple Mayhem Carnival

Hello and welcome to the Multiple Mayhem Carnival for May. I have some wonderful posts to tell you about, from some fabulous bloggers of Multiples. All of which I can relate to!

Multiple Mayhem Carnival, Multiple Mummy

People tend to go one of two ways when they talk to you about having twins or more I find. They  are either are in complete awe and feel we deserve medals and awards (which I find very embarrassing) as they can’t understand how we cope with more than one at the same time. What they fail to realise is we really don’t know any different and what else can we do – we have to cope! So many people say they can’t do labour and yet, when the time comes nature takes over and look at what you achieve at the end. I think all parents deserve medals!

Then you get those that go the other extreme and pretend to know exactly what it is like because they have had two 15 months apart or less! The twins and BBwere 15 months apart and I am sorry it is not the same. Not one bit. It is  not necessarily harder, because each baby is so different, and if you have twins and two sleepers and a singleton and a screamer, then I know which I would choose, but having multiples is just very different and you can’t compare it to siblings close together.

I, however, love having twins. I feel very blessed. However as all parents do, we have our testing moments. Mine was put to the test last, when I had a ridiculous brain wave of an idea of walking my toddling twins to pre-school without reins and with props. What was I thinking?

Whiskey for aftershave is a blog written by a stay at home Dad of  Non identical girl/boy toddling twins and he writes about flying solo! It made me laugh out loud, as he could have been writing a day in my life! Clearly twins have many similarities and he demonstrates how twins raising does have some obstacles to overcome!

Multiple Mayhem Carnival, Multiple Mummy


Michelle from Mummy from the Heart talks about how her two non identical twins girls are complete chalk and cheese! Having non identical twins myself I can relate to this but it does still amaze me that after  sharing a uterus their personalities can be so different!

Multiple Mayhem Carnival

 Tales of  Twin Mum talks about the difficulties of separating twins even just when one is ill and the other isn’t! Mine have never been apart from each other for more than an hour and that was hard enough. Maybe we should start practicing.

Multiple Mayhem Carnival

Debbie from Johnson Babies and has gorgeous identical twin boys. She has dedicated her post to talking about the Best bits of ‘getting’ twins. It was a joy to read and really made me smile. We can get so caught up in how hard twins can be sometimes we forget the blessing that it is and the great bits that come with it! A good read to remember how great we really have it.

Multiple Mayhem Carnival!

Heather from Young and Younger links into the brilliance of having twins theme by providing us with Twins Peaks Post that reveals the in-depth and very funny conversation between her two twins Ez and Fonz when trying to goto sleep!

Multiple Mayhem Carnival

They say with twins it is twice the joy and twice the fun, but Fiona from CoombeMill shows that with triplets this in fact thrice the joy, thrice the fun as she show us the brilliant birthday party she laid on for her three boys! You should check out the cool cake!

Multiple Mayhem Carnival

Finally Trouble Doubled writes a very interesting post about twins statistics in a search to find out if twins are more prone to accidents or not. If mine are anything to go by then yes, because they can plot together and cause more trouble!


Michelle from Mummy from the Heart talks about how her two non identical twins girls are complete chalk and cheese!    Having non identical twins myself I can relate to this but it does still amaze me that after   sharing a uterus their personalities can be so different!

Hope you have enjoyed the Carnival. The next one is being held in July and will be hosted by Heather from Young and Younger!

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