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Mr Potato Head Review – Woody and Buzz Light Year

Toy Story is a massive hit in our house. We have all three movies and my two and half year old just loves the characters, especially Mr Potato Head. For his 2nd birthday, he was bought the Woody and Buzz Light year Mr Potato Heads and lets just say they have bought no end of entertainment and family fun.

Now in order to understand, I must set the scene, for this is no ordinary playing! Firstly my son (who is now 2yrs 10 months) has to dress as Woody and my daughter has to dress as Mr Potato Head! Her twin brother has to dress as Bob the Builder and this is only because we don’t have a Buzz outfit, but according to my eldest dressing up is the law!

Mummy has to wear a hat and has to play Jessie. The things we do to please our children!

Then the Potato Heads come out!


Age range: Recommended from 2 years +

Price: £9.99

Number of parts: 12

Buzz Light Year

Age range: Recommended from 2 years +

Price: £9.99

Number of parts: 10

The playing consists (at the moment) of me me making them up and the little ones undoing them but they love it! The twins are 19 months and although the recommendation is for 2 years plus, the parts in these Potato Heads are not too small and they play with them well.

The Potato Heada are a little tricky to piece together if you want them specifically as the characters, which mine do at the moment as they currently have not got the imagination to mix and match, however the one thing I love about them is that they lead to imaginative play and story telling and they are toys that grow with them.

The play of these toys also help with sequencing, co-ordination and control and fine dexterity. We also use it to go through body parts and I say things like ‘Can you find me an arm?’ or ‘Where does the nose go?’ I find them good learning tools. My eldest son can sit and play for ages with them, and his face is a picture of concentration!

The parts are easily washable, if they get covered by sticky fingers, which is usually common place in a family home.

I feel you do need a box to put the bits in as although their ‘bottoms’ open to store parts only the smaller ones fit, so, if you don’t want to lose bits and pieces under the depth of your sofa, it would be worth having a storage container. We did have a mini tantrum when we could not find one of the ears! An improvement to this toy would be if you could buy separate body parts.

I love the fact that with these toys I can theme a day and we can move from them, to drawing pictures of Mr Potato Heads and back to them, often finished by a bit of Toy Story itself!

I would give Woody and Buzz Potato head a five star rating, in terms of how long they will play with them, up to maybe 8, 9 or even 10 years old and for price which I feel is very good value!

This review has been submitted to the Toys R Us Toyologists

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