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Motivation, Inspiration and Continuation

What is my blog all about?

Well this is best divided into three parts


I needed an outlet. A place where I could express myself but feel challenged. A place where I could be progress and change. To be honest that is not what I thought when I started. As I have explained before I really stumbled in blogging on an impulse moment of weirdness and somehow got totally sucked into the whole addiction of it. In less than a year my little online diary has expanded to include me writing for the likes of Freya Fitting Talk as I won their Freya Blog star competition and Baby Born Free blog, getting shortlisted for blogger of the year by Loved by Parents which made me feel very chuffed with myself, getting sponsored for CyberMummy and doing quite well in the wiko ranking this month! I have learnt over the past few months to be proud of what I have achieved, rather than shy away from talking about blogging.

A real experience!

I love the challenge of writing, of being able to channel what I do in the day into something for me, and despite loving my children dearly and feeling so privileged to watch them grow everyday, I also miss my teaching career. Blogging has made me tick again, and whilst this continues to increase my happiness I shall continue writing. I want it always to be a pleasure and not a chore.


Obviously these lovely people are my Inspiration for my blog. My life at the moment is solely them. It is fun, challenging, demanding, exhilarating,  exhausting and endearing all in one. Without them, this blog could not exist. Without me having twins, the title would be stupid, and without me having more than one, the name again would not make sense. I feel blessed to be lucky to enough to have three very special, completely individual and unique little munchkins.

Motivation, inspiration and Continuation Multiple Mummy

The things they do have helped to inspire me and have caused my blog to evolve over time. BBis really into baking so we are both experimenting with the whole new concept of baking, and is something I have found I am quite good at. We all love craft and so have included make and do things, places we have been, things we have seen, we take part in the Gallery every week, and took part in Silent Sunday. My blog is a real mishmash of family life. It is definitely varied.


I am not yet a year old. I hope to make it that far and all being well beyond. I don’t know where this will lead, if anywhere but I love the thought that it might. I love the people I have met, the people I tweet with, and the experiences that have occurred because of blogging. Things like, CyberMummy, The Prima Fashion Awards, Days out in London with the family and workshops and of course meeting Gok! It has been a great ride and I don’t want to get off yet.

Motivation, Inspiration and Continuation

Getting a Gok rub down!


I do have my fears though. I don’t consider myself to be a writer, but I am honest and empathetic and real. I hope that readers relate to the going on in my life. The trials and tribulations and the elation and jubilation. I also worry that people follow me for being a ‘lovely blogger’ rather than having a lovely blog and although I am ‘quite’ nice, I also want to be good. I am sick of being Miss Average.

Regardless, I am really enjoying myself. Parenting as we know is a constant roller coaster and it is fab to have people to share it with. I thank you for taking the time to read me. x

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