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MOMenTUM – Week 3!

OK, sadly another week that has not gone according to plan. BBand Little Madam came down with chicken pox and so I have been caged, then my Mum came to visit us while my husband was away on a school trip and we have been out and about all over the place eating fried chicken and pizza from Pizza express…erm, not the healthiest of weeks!

To top it off I have come down with a chest infection so have not fancied exercising much, but to be fair the children are not stop! I know excuses excuses!

I am drinking better and have taken Mummybeasties advice and am carrying a water bottle with me, and I am getting better at taking my makeup off! The Nivea your shape event also gave my face a lovely facial.

I do however think I have put on a a couple of pounds and this coming week my Dad and his wife are visiting for a week so that will be more eating out! Think I might have to write May off and hope for a better June!

Girls you all seem to be doing brilliantly! I will get better promise! Feel free to give me a stern talking too!

This weeks plan!

To try and avoid three course if I eat out?!

MOMenTUM – Week 2

Confession…not had a great week.

What has gone tits up!

So far the sit ups have not started, the chocolate intake has almost increased, does wine count as drinking more fluid? No? Oh well that is hard, I have improved but…it just makes me want to wee all the time and I just don’t have time to wee! I keep forgetting my vitamin

What is better?

Well I am drinking more but just not enough.

I am taking my makeup off every night! (Mummyandbeastie be proud!)

I have been having my fruit smoothie!

This weeks plan!

Must try HARDER!!!

I do have a busy week as my Dad is back from the Philippines, I have another tip to London and well things are just chaotic at the moment. However I am going to try and squeeze in sit up this week and take my vitamin! I know excuses excuses! But I will pull it back. (Really should not have bought those cookies today!)

I also have a Nivea YourShape event to attend which may give me tips on toning and motivate me to do better. Lets see.

Wish me luck.


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6 comments to MOMenTUM

  • Liska

    I'm finding it hard too – hoping to see you at the Nivea event :-)
    Liska xxx

  • Mrs E

    I love reading how you ladies are getting on! I must drink more too, esp cause I am breastfeeding. All I drink is coke- I haven't had a glass of water for as long as I can remember. That is so unhealthy! x

  • would like to be a yummy mummy

    I know what you mean about not having time to wee. Good luck with this week and taking your vitamins :-) x

  • Claire

    Sometimes life gets in the way! Don't beat yourself up too much, just concentrate on the days you can control and worry less on the days you can't. xx

  • Liska

    Thanks for linking up.
    Surprised you dated it as 16th May. Knew you might backdate it but thought you'd do for 23rd May, but I guess it has to be 16th as you are writing as though Nivea's not happened yet.

    I would just write off May and enjoy the time with your Dad as you say.

    That's more important.

    Liska xxxxxxx

  • Working london mummy

    Hope you are feeling better. As you say you can make a fresh start in June. Always so hard when you have to socialise lots. Anyhow, look forward to weekly progress x

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