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Mega Bloks Scoop ‘n’ Build Mini Blocks Review

I recently got sent two buckets of Mega Bloks Scoop and Build Mini Bloks to review.

Since BB and the twins were tiny we have played with the larger sized Mega Bloks but lately I have found that they have not been as interest in them as their size has limited what they can make with their imaginations. We were going onto the Cartoonito website to take off the Mega Blok patterns to build structures but now they wanted to use their imagination more.

When the box arrived I wish I had my camera there and then as my little lady’s face was a picture to see that they were pink bricks.

Mega bloks scoop n build tub, Review, Multiple Mummy

‘Bloks for me?” she said with stunned eyes!

They had to be opened immediately.

I can honestly say that my little lady has just not stopped playing with them. It has been a delight to watch.

You see it is a rarity for my lady to just sit and be occupied with no input from me. Usually she wants full on attention and won’t leave my side. She is vocal and loud and had more energy than any child I know. The boys sit calmly and play, but not my lady. These captivated her. They caught he imagination and spiralled her into her own little world.

She found the little pieces easy to manage and clip and un-clip so easily she never needed to ask me for help.

The colours gave her ownership and I know some people are against girl and boy colours but actually it inspired her more that they were pink, and she could build birthday cakes, so the purpose was successful.

The boxes come with 100 pieces and are suitable for 2 years old plus. They include stickers to decorate some of the bloks and also had doors and windows, flower pieces and a little girl, all to encourage play after the finished product had been built.

The boys kept a distance of the Little Lady’s new toy to begin with, partly because I think they were scared her territorial ownership of them, but then she decided it would be nice to share and Chilled out boy decided pink was not so bad after all. In fact they were bloody brilliant!

I think the pictures say it all!

Mega Bloks Mini Bloks Review



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