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Me and My Shadow!

The twins have hit eighteen months and they are hilarious! They are now so confident with their walking; Little Madam can even look a bit bolshie, whilst my ‘Chilled out boy’ walks around with no cares in the world.
Everyone said, with boy and girl twins don’t be surprised if they are not close, as they are two eggs and two sperm that just shared the same oven to cook in! They are not like identical twins with that built in connection and to make sure they are treated as individuals.
Individuals they are, in terms of their personalities and looks. In fact in a year’s time it would not surprise me if they thought BBand Little Madam were the twins as they look so similar, but as far as closeness is concerned at the moment, they adore each other. I don’t know if it is a Mummy thing but I definitely see a connection.
Little Madam clearly controls the operations and Chilled out boy gets called in to master anything that requires height, for example opening the front door (which now has to be kept locked at all times), standing on a box to reach up and get chocolate off the side, and for getting the toy she wants most!
They don’t really argue over the same toys, to be honest, Little Madam shouts the loudest and Chilled out boy wants her approval so much that he just let her have it. However, as confident as she may seem on the outside she needs her twin. She looks over her shoulder all the time to see where he is. She is totally aware of his movements, and at night she will not go to bed without him!
They have separate cots next to each other, where, when the Little Madam wakes up in the morning and wants her play mate, throws all her toys at his head to wake him up! I am dreading the day I have to put them in separate rooms because they are boy and girl. I fear we may have issues.
If Little Madam does wake up first and I manage to get her out the room before disturbing chilled out boy, when he wakes up and finds her not there, he sobs his heart out, so I have decided to leave her to waking him up! He seems much happier, having his head pelted!
They have now started copying each other, and think it is so funny! The same movements, the same noises and actions! They spend ages blowing raspberries at each other or doing round and round the garden actions on their hands, and now they have learnt the words ‘all gone!’ they think they are so clever and constantly say it after every yogurt has been finished.
They definitely need each other close. It is a case of ‘me and my shadow,’ it is just that they don’t really know which is the ‘me’ and which one is the ‘shadow!’
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11 comments to Me and My Shadow!

  • jennie

    What a wonderful post. Esther and William are becoming more aware of each other everyday. I do hope that they will be as close as this in 10 months time x

  • multiplemummy

    Thank you Jennie! I am sure they will be, you have so many fun things ahead! I love your twins names! William is my firsts middle name and we wished we had saved it but I adore Esther! Might have to pinch that for next time! x

  • Annette

    Wow, that is just wonderful! I think that non-identical twins would definitely still have a very close connection – I mean, all that time in the womb together, plus just being at the same or very similar stages (I guess even twins can hit milestones at different times…?? But don't know from experience!) would definitely make them close! I love the cheeky photo!!! xx

  • Jo

    My boy and girl as you found earlier are soon to be 16…………years not months and are closer than any identical twins I know. Really never changed and I love their bond.

  • multiplemummy

    They do hit milestone differently but really it is only a matter of weeks as they copy and want to do the same as each other! The pic is one of my favourites too! x


    I really really hope mine stay close like that! It would be lovely. x

  • Him Up North

    How completely cute are they? Aw, so nice.

  • Mummy and the Beastie

    What a gorgeous photo of your two little ones, so cute. It must be great to be twins! x

  • multiplemummy

    Him up North and Mummy and the Beastie,

    Thank you, I love that picture. Nothing like two babies giggling! x

  • TheBoyandMe

    I've always thought it must be fabulous to have twins, to grow up so close and have someone who knows how you feel. Enjoy every second.

  • bishop_nic

    What a lovely story, the twins sound adorable & are so cute. I think it's so sweet they rely on each other at such a young age. I laughed out loud at the way poor chilled out boy is woken from his slumber!

  • bishop_nic

    What a lovely story, the twins sound adorable & are so cute. I think it's so sweet they rely on each other at such a young age. I laughed out loud at the way poor chilled out boy is woken from his slumber!

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