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Max Balls – A Review!

Max balls are brilliant toilet training aid created by a Dad who was frustrated at the lack of toilet training devices for little ones and they were featured on Dragon’s den! If you have read any of my potty diaries with BBand since how he has recently regressed you will no that my potty training days have not been easy. Trying to convert him from potty to toilet was really hard.

Max balls review and giveaway

The lovely Helen from @jessie_online suggested I try out Max balls from her online store Munchkins and Poppets and because I am very proud to be a Munchkin Mummy she said they could be my first review! Great.

If you don’t already know the gorgeous Helen from @jessies_online then you should head to twitter now and follow her! She is just one of the most fabulous women on twitter and I have been fortunate enough to meet her in real life!

The max ball aim is to encourage children to sit on the toilet by having something funny to aim at. The Max Balls which come in packs or 2 or 4 balls are waterproof balls with smiley faces on them which boys can girls can use to aim and wee at. To begin with BBsat on the toilet and aimed at the ball, but now sometimes (and it is dependent on his mood) he will stand on a step at the toilet and aim! )

Max Balls review and giveawayThe Max ball is placed in toilet and can remain there for 4 weeks. For hygiene reasons you would replace after this time frame. The coated is specially formulated so that it kills 99.9%of bacteria on contact and continues working until replaced. You can flush your chain as normal without having to remove.

Max Balls review and giveaway

We have found the balls to be really fun and BBlikes to say hello and goodbye to Max now when we go! It has really made the transition from potty to toilet easier as he really was quite frightened of the toilet and because they have in been in there during his training the twins have both been happy to sit on the toilet from the beginning, although we are only getting the twins used to things at the moment, we have not actually started training yet! The only thing to be aware of are little hands that want to pick them out of the toilet – my advice, seat down!

My husband has also found them to be great fun (typical Daddy) and decided to created a point system for number of hits! To be honest I think he is only scoring himself!

They are priced at £3.25 for a 2 pack and £5.75 for a 4 pack! I think this is very reasonable for something that works so well!

I thoroughly recommend them!


I was sent a pack of two Max Ball for the purpose of this review. the opinions are my own. 


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12 comments to Max Balls – A Review!

  • Kara Guppy

    My older boys and Daddy had a similar competition!! My only advice is be careful when cleaning the loo – one slip of a toilet brush and ours disappeared around the u bend never to be seen again!!

  • Kelly Gray

    Hiya Hun, Not sure if I’m allowed to add my tuppence to your review, but I’m glad someone else did, so I shall too… 😉
    I’m potty training Max at the moment and obviously, we stumbled across the Max Balls fairly early on because of the name… 😉
    I very nearly bought us a pack on Amazon the other day, but stopped a second to read the reviews of people who have bought them already. Thank goodness I did, because although the idea is absolute genius to mostly boy mummies, the balls are a bit pricey considering their shelf life and the fact that they are only going to be weed on!
    Another genius recommended we buy a cheap set of coloured ping pong balls, which do exactly the same job and are less likely to flush away.(!) Ok, so they are not antibacterial, but we clean our toilet regularly and it is not like we are going to be hugging the things! I found a cheap back of neon orange ping pong balls, (£1.99 for 6), which are doing a marvellous job. Max loves trying to make them spin when he hits them and the novelty factor has yet to wear off after 3 weeks. If you wanted to, you could draw smiley faces on the balls with a permanent marker. Like I say, LOVE the idea, but there is a cheaper alternative… :)

    • I totally see what you are saying but if you only have one loo, then it is only 5 p a day. I felt more secure with the anti-bacterial as I had little hands that, however much I tried to keep them out of the toilet they wanted to watch if Noah was on it and can now master door handles so would inevitably be in fishing them out so it almost was the hugging thing! x

  • I used these with both of my youngest boys and I think they are genius! In fact as my youngest (6) now often misses I was only saying the other day that I needed to buy some more! Great review!

  • I had these, they were great but then they flushed away. I had four of them all gone. :(

  • My sister used these with my nephew. My mum didn’t know what they were and used to fish them out and sterilise them! The Boy’s a little way off standing and weeing yet, but I’m going to be definitely using them!

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