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Making Mummy’s life easier with Airwick Odour Detect – a Review

It may sound really crazy but the Airwick odour detect  has really changed my life. Changed it in the sense (no pun intended) that it has taken the pressure off a little from the constant cleaning in fear of a strange smell!

I don’t know about your house but since having children I am constantly battling the array of pongs that my littles ones emit and I thought just having my husband was bad enough!  Stinky nappies, puking babies and splattered food from weaning are a few of the things that cause the smells, topped off by a lost bit of snack under the sofa or a missing bottle of milk…need I go on! Don’t get me wrong I do clean my house (constantly it feels like) but anytime someone comes to the door I am always worrying about whether they think my house smells. Plus to make things worse according to a survey completed by Airwick 52% of woman admitted they would judge a home if they noticed a smell. That’s all I need..half my friends secretly thinking my house is scummy!

So when I was asked to review Airwick odour detect, I thought great this could be a solution.

Making mummy's life easier with airwick odour detect review Multiple Mummy

Air odour detect compact is so clever and does exactly what it says on the tin. Any time it senses an ‘odd’ smell it puffs out a little bit of freshness. Airwick claim  that it is as sensitive as a nose!  It was so easy to put together – literally push the dispenser in and it comes with batteries supplies. It has three settings so you can make it purely odour detect, or have it on regular interval settings but with different intensities. It is also able to recognise if too much air freshener is being released and will change automatically to compensate.

I don’t doubt how clever it is, I have positioned it in various rooms around the house to see and it really does seem to work. it has noticed garlic bread, shoes, nappies and dinner. It is so reassuring to know that something is cleaning up the air behind you!

Hubby did start to take things a little personally as it seemed to go off every time he walked past. I made no comment!

The compact size is priced RRP £9.99 and the maxi size is RRP £13.99 with refills at a reasonable £3.49.

I definitely will be buying the refills and shall be getting another for upstairs! It is so good, it really is mum’s best friend.

Making mummy's life easier with air wick odour detect a review - Multiple Mummy


You can find out more from Airwick’s Facebook Page!

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