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Making Gingerbread Men

My kids love a gingerbread man.

Now BBand I have a Friday morning together all to ourselves, we are setting ourself little challenges each week and this week was Gingerbread Men.

Making Gingerbread Men, Multiple Mummy

Lets make Gingerbread Men!

BBjust loves the kitchen and baking as the photo’s evidently show.

You will need

120z plain flour

1 and half tsp of ground ginger

1tsp of baking powder

4 tablespoons of golden syrup

6oz of brown soft sugar

4oz butter

1 egg

writing icing


Gingerbread man cutter!

1. Pre-heat your oven to 180 degrees, or 160 if fan oven!

2. Mix the flour, baking powder, ginger in a bowl, add the butter in small cubes and then rub together to form a breadcrumb like consistency

Making Gingerbread Men, Multiple Mummy

Make breadcrumbs!

3.  Add the brown sugar, the egg and the golden syrup and mix together to form a dough – once the syrup is in, you will need to get your hand on in there!

Making Gingerbread Men, Multiple Mummy

Add the syrup

Making Gingerbread Men, Multiple Mummy

Mix it all together!

4. Flour your work top and roll out your dough about 1cm thick

Making Gingerbread Men, Multiple Mummy

Roll it out!

5. Grease your baking sheets

6. Cut out you men and lay them on the baking sheet – give them good space, as we did not realise how far they would spread and they joined together!

Making Gingerbread Men, Multiple Mummy

They need to be further apart than this!

7. cook them for 10-15 mins. Do check them as they turn quickly

8. Decorate with icing and buttons (we used writing icing and Smarties)

Making Gingerbread Men, Multiple Mummy

Decorate – we tried fondant icing first but we were not creative enough!


The finished batch of Gingerbread Men!

Making Gingerbread Men, Multiple Mummy

The finished gingerbread army!

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