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Making a Fireworks Mobile

The family all headed to a firework display on Saturday night. Now usually with toddlers you are a little cautious but BB loves them! He adores the colours and the bangs and pops. They were supposed to start at seven but by half past, still no-show! The twins were getting cranky, it was an hour past their bedtime but because they were out, so did not want to stay in the buggy and have a sleep!

Finally an announcement said they would be another 20 minutes. That might have well been 2 years, in the minds of a toddler! So we said we would do some sparklers at home, and went back to the house all bitterly disappointed. It was a good job too, as they did not kick off until quarter past nine!

Anyhow, we are going to see another firework display on Friday but in the meantime, I promised BB we would make some.

‘To have in the sky?’ he asked

Erm…think think…

‘Well sort of, you can hang them from your window and they will look like they are in the sky!’

And that is how we came up with a mobile idea.

Making a fireworks Mobile

So you will need:

A cereal box or card
Glittery things!
Hole Punch
String or wool


1. Cut out your desired fire work shapes. We went for two rockets and an explosion and a Katherine Wheel shape (basically a circle!)

Fireworks mobile Multiple Mummy

Our firework shapes

2. Cut one strip of card that will be the connecting piece

3. Position your shapes as to how you want them to hang and punch 4 holes into the connecting strip where you need them

4. Punch holes into your shapes, where you would like your string to attach!

5. Cover in glue and decorate with glitter and sparkly things

Fireworks mobile Multiple Mummy

The twins first experience of glue!

Fireworks mobile multiple Mummy

The concentration!

6. Leave to dry

Fireworks mobile Multiple Mummy

Feathers, Sparkles and sequins!

7. Reposition and cut string to the lengths you need and tie together.

8. Hang!

Fireworks Mobile Multiple Mummy

The finished article!


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