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Maclaren Beginning Toiletry Range Review

I was asked by Babythings4u, an online baby retail shop that sell everything you could possibly want for a baby or small toddler to review some of the Maclaren Baby Beginnings range, which is Maclaren’s toiletry range aimed for both Mummy and Baby.

They sent me one bottle of Maclaren’s Beginning Calming Bath Milk for Baby and one bar of Maclaren’s Beginning Soothing and Delicate soap for baby.

Maclaren’s Beginning Soothing and Delicate Soap

If I am honest I have never been a soap fan. I have always found it to be drying and leaving me with a squeaky feeling and the need to instantly lather up in body lotion. I have always used a body wash for the children and so was a little skeptical that this would really do the job.

The first thing I noticed was that it lathered really well and actually was much more creamy than I had realised. It was also very easy to use as you could wash bodies whilst still holding onto your child without having to squeeze some out a bottle of fiddle with a cap lid!

The soap is crafted from 100% organic natural plant extracts including Jojoba, Aloe and Lavender to gently cleanse baby’s delicate skin and hair and it was very gentle on my youngest skin who does suffer from dry patches. It smelt lovely and because it is a hard bar lasts quite a while – you don’t tend to over use it.

Maclaren Beginning toiletry range review Multiple Mummy

Soothing Delicate Soap

However the bar is priced at £8.00 which I personally feel is very expensive for a bar of soap and just didn’t feel luxurious enough as a gift for anybody.

Maclaren Beginning Calming Bath Milk

This on the other hand I did not want to share with the children at all!

A milk is not an appropriate description really as it is really a bath oil. It is in fact infused with 100% pure essential oils. It has lavender in it which I just love and I found this perfect to get the little ones in that restful sleep state and it also has Mandarin and Geranium in it which they claim create serenity, but with three under three in my house that is a hard task!

Personally I found it gorgeous and much too nice to use on the little ones (what a selfish Mummy I am!). Mostly because it is £15 and I am unable to spend this kind of money on myself let alone on the children, but I think this would make the loveliest Baby shower gift or Mummy to be present as it is perfect for a new Mummy to indulge and relax. I would be overjoyed if someone bought one of these for me!

You do need to only add one capful per bath so I think you would get about 15-20 baths out of it.

Maclaren Beginning toiletry range review Multiple Mummy

Calming Bath Milk

In summary I thought both products were lovely and definitely oozed quality but for a Mummy on a budget not really accessible. A perfect present instead!


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