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Loving Baby Gymnastics!

We always go to the park with the best of intentions. The idea of getting out into fresh air, playing on the swings and slides and lots of fun and games always seems appealing at first. When we get there though, I am always somewhat disappointed.
Firstly our park only has two child swings, which, when you have three toddlers always proves to be a little tricky as they all want to go on the same thing. The twins have only just started to walk and so the swings are the only thing they can go on.
Secondly our climbing frame is made for older children, at least five years and over, so Noah, who walks superbly now, has no chance of going on it. There is a slightly smaller one with a slide but after 10 minutes the novelty has worn off, especially if Mummy if having to push the twins on the swings and cannot pay any attention to him playing! If I play with Noah, the twins have to go back into the pushchair for safe keeping, where they get upset because they can’t play! We end up staying twenty minutes before the long walk back home, and you sort of wonder why you bothered to coat, hat, shoes and scarf them all!
Baby gymnastics on the other hand is just the complete opposite! We love it. My three get excited every Wednesday morning at me just mentioning that we are going. It starts at half past nine, which is quite a trial to get three babies up, dressed and breakfasted, ready to go out by that time but it is worth it.
It is indoors, which I know if not filling their lungs with fresh air, but it means I can put them on the floor for a start! It is soft and padded everywhere, so with tripping and slipping toddling twins, I don’t have to panic at where they are headed.
There is an obstacle course of all the gymnastics equipment and BBjust loves it! Tunnels, beams, spring boards, trampolines! It has everything. When we first started going BBwas a very cautious boy when it came to climbing or jumping, but since going to baby gymnastics he has grown in confidence considerably. It gives you opportunity to meet other Mum’s and actually you feel like you are really getting some proper quality play time, as that is really what the whole session is about.
It is just lovely to be in a large safe space, filled with purposeful climbing and jumping apparatus- especially when you have three wanting to go in three different directions. It wears them out, they are starving for lunch when they get home and all three have the most brilliant nap after lunch free me up for a cup of tea at least!
Baby gymnastics as far as I can see builds confidence, co-ordination, muscle strength and tone, helps establish relationships with other children, give them the ability to work on concepts like sharing and who turn it is,  and above all they don’t even realise they are learning because it is fun!
I recommend that you check out your nearest gym group or tumble tot session. Usually I am all for the free stuff but I feel it is money well spent and cheaper than nursery!

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2 comments to Loving Baby Gymnastics!

  • Annette

    That sounds amazing -definitely something I'll consider for when Reubs is a bit older. He is loving the rolling over, he just can not stop – think he will be very active! xx

  • jennie

    We are on the waiting list for our local baby gym. It is something that I think the twins will love and will be so good for their development x

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