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‘Lovely’ People

Lovely People

I always tease Kerry in her overuse of the word ‘lovely’ when she describes her ‘Blogging’ friends. In fact, she is right and this has been shown throughout our situation and in particular in the last week.

I would like to thank you all for making my sister and me so welcome at the awards and we were overwhelmed by the support shown. Kerry will be devastated to have missed it. She always said that, ‘ I have never won anything’ or ‘I have no real talent’ and it is tragic she couldn’t pick up the well-deserved awards. There was a sparkle in her eye when she held the award and I know she would want to thank the ‘lovely’ Emma from Science Sparks. It is strange how someone you have hardly ever met can be so important in your life and it just demonstrates what a wonderful lady Emma is.

I am so grateful for the kindness and gifts that have been sent whether it is new nightwear from Freya, boxes of craft pieces for the kids, chocolate or even the offer of a break. Right at the beginning of this we received flowers and Kiddicare caused no fuss when Kerry was unable to write a review about a new car seat.

It is also strange how ‘little’ things can really make you angry. I was shocked and appalled when Colchester Zoo refused to transfer the remaining time on Kerry’s Platinum Card to my name. We were not asking for any ‘freebie’ or ‘charity’ but just wanted the time as a family we had already paid for. Our unique situation or the fact that it was one of the children’s favourite places did not fit their ‘discretionary requirements’. It has been a difficult week for one thing or another and the arrival of Platinum Voucher from her ‘lovely’ Blogging friends was very much appreciated and gave me a real boost.

This emotional rollercoaster shows no respite. After the high of Kerry moving to Colchester we have since discovered the stay will be a short one as she needs specialist rehab in London. She also will need another procedure next week to help her with her feeding. It has been great seeing her every day and the thought of long journeys and days apart is so disappointing. Nevertheless, she needs to go the best place for her recovery; that’s what is important.

In a moment of madness I decided to paint the hallway on Wednesday…luckily I found the funny side when BB scrawled black pen on it Thursday morning. Little Madam lives up to her reputation when it is time for ‘sleep’ using every excuse to avoid sleep time. Was it wrong for me to laugh on Thursday as I left her friend babysitting? ‘Good Luck’, I thought to myself…………….10 minutes earlier I had caught Little Madam eating strength 5 Cafetiere coffee.

One last thing…..A huge Thank you to all you ‘lovely’ bloggers x

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34 comments to ‘Lovely’ People

  • Mummy Vs Work

    Thinking of you all so much! I know times can be tough and it’s up and down but your love as a family is going to get you through this! Much love to Kerry :)

  • Disgraceful behaviour there from Colchester zoo, not the kind of publicity they are looking for! Glad to hear there are other ppl being lovely though.

  • How ‘lovely’! Emma sure is a wonderful lady – no wonder her and Kerry are so close – two very special people.

    I hope the next stage of progress isn’t too painful for you all. We’ll all be sending love and positive vibes your way.

    Oh and Colchester Zoo should be ashamed of themselves.

  • It was my absolute delight and honour to present you with one of Kerry’s awards.

    Hope the road to recovery continues well,

    Much love and always thinking of you,

    Jane x

  • Lovely lovely post :) very good news that Kerry is doing much better. I hope the stay in London is a quick one and that she is home very quickly. The bit about little Madam eating coffee made me chuckle!

  • Oh bless you for being so capable and keeping the blog running. I hope she gets the best rehab care possible, and is able to come back to you soon x

  • Kerry is an example of a lovely blogger friend.
    i wish her luck with her move to London and the continuation of her rehabilitation – she has come so far and yet still has a way to go.
    you are a wonderful husband and i wish you all the strength you need too

    lots of love to you all x x x

  • It’s so great that you know how special Kerry is to us as bloggers, each time you write an update shows that u care. Thank-you for tour updates. J cannot wait to hear that Kerry is home with you again.

  • Emma definitely is ‘lovely’…she’s one of the loveliest people I have the pleasure of knowing.
    I think it’s disgraceful of Colchester Zoo but I’m glad you can get back to taking the kids there again.
    You’re doing a great job keeping these updates going as well as managing to paint the hallway & bring up 3 lively children!
    I hope Kerry continues to make great progress, thinking of her always xx

  • It was very lovely to see you and Louise on Friday. I am so so very glad you came.

    I’m so sorry Kerry is being moved again :-( and hope that she gets to return to Colchester soon.

    Sending you all lots and lots of love. Speak soon, Emma xxxxx

  • It was very lovely to see you and Louise on Friday. I am so so very glad you came.

    I’m so sorry Kerry is being moved again :-( and hope that she gets to return to Colchester soon.

    Sending you all lots and lots of love. Speak soon, Emma xxxxx

  • I can’t believe they wouldn’t let you use the ticket! Shocking!

    So pleased Kerry was able to hold her award.

    Thank you for the updates.

  • Thank you for the update. I so hope rehab goes well and that she is back with you soon. Sending hugs x

  • Oh I so love your updates. Great that you could get the award on her behalf and yes Kerry and Emma make a formidable pair – so super that they found each other in the blogging world – they told me the story at Xmas in July 2011.

    Sorry she is moving again but hopefully this will speed up her recovery.

    God you should get that story about Colchester Zoo on the front page of the local paper – digusting! So very out of order.

    I wish you the best in the coming weeks and will continue to pray and think of you all often.


  • Becky (babybudgeting)

    You are such a fab hubby well done you for keeping this blog alive and childcariing in true dad style! You keep on laughing at the pen marks its the only way. We pray for kerry all the time

  • Thank you for the update, us lovely people really do appreciate it. Kerry has got an awful lot of reading to catch up on one day ( hopefully sooner rather than later)
    Im sure you appreciate that the children are lost and confused and playing up accordingly, and there are days where we all could see them far enough. But you are retaining a sense of humour and doing a wonderful job at the same time, 3 children are hard work for anybody but with your emotional overload even more hard work, but by the same token probably the one thing ( well 3 really) that is keeping you strong through the days and lonely nights.
    Its nice to hear she is progressing and for all the wrench will be huge if her move is a positive thing then I hope she learns what she has to to come back to you all.
    The award was well deserves, well done to all of you, and huge hugs from me to you all.
    “Chin up” as they say

  • Thank you so much for updating us – Shame on Colchester Zoo, really is disgraceful.

    You are a truly lovely husband!!!

    Kisses and speedy get well wishes for the lovely Kerry!

    S.A.M xoxo

  • Congrats again to Kerry on the awards, I know how thrilled she will be, as I remember her saying to me that she never won anything. It is very well deserved.
    Kerry is one of the ‘loveliest’ blogging friends I had the pleasure of meeting quite a few times. The last time I saw her was at britmums, I was literally about 5 weeks pregnant at the time and the second she saw me she was giving me a funny look. She had done the same to Hannah (mummyandthebeastie) and guessed her pregnancy very early on too, so I could just tell what she was thinking. She came up to me and said ‘are you thinking about trying for a second?’ and I said soon. She then paused and said ‘have you been successful?’ She knew! So I had to tell her! She told me she had a bit of a sixth sense about these kind of things. Spooky. She gave me a massive hug and said my secret was safe wit her. That’s the kind of person she always seems- just lovely!

    I am pleased she is on the road to rehab but disappointed that she will have to be in London- long journeys must be stressful.

    You are never all far from my thoughts- thanks for keeping us updated. Xx

  • What a lovely post. Great to hear that life goes on at home – with all the trials and tribulations of young kids! LOL at eating the coffee!!

    So happy Kerry won the award, and I hope she continues to get excellent care, be it in Colchester or London.

    Oh, and Emma is LOVELY!

  • You’ve become a ‘lovely’ blogger too!
    It’s a shame that Kerry has to be so far from you all again but it will be for the best reason. It will be a long road to rehab no doubt but you have the children and family to keep you sane.

    Wishing you well and a speedy recovery for Kerry. x

  • If you’ve still had no luck with Colchester Zoo write to me at The Guardian with your full name and address ( and I’ll sort it via their press office.

  • I didn’t get the chance to talk to you or your sister at last week’s award ceremony but, like everyone there, I was so thrilled with Kerry’s fantastic wins. I’m so glad you were able to spend a bit of time in the company of us daft/lovely bloggers.
    Sending best wishes and hope the improvements are swift so Kerry can be close to home again.

  • Well done again on the awards! All the best for London and may it be a quick stint so she can get home to you where she belongs.

  • But it’s easy to be lovely to Kerry when she is so fabulous herself. I’ve always been very fond of her since she started, and I am grateful to you that you’re keeping us updated all the time.

  • I was telling my parents today how Kerry was doing and saying what an amazing husband you were for keeping up her blog and attending the awards on her behalf. Your love really shines through and it is wonderful to see. I can imagine it will be very hard to have the distance but hopefully the specialist support will mean Kerry can come home to you all asap. Thinking of you all.

  • Shame on Colchester Zoo but high praise to you and your lovely family x praying for you all

  • Thinking of you and so pleased you won. Big hugs xx

  • Liz

    So pleased she held her award, I was over the moon that she won. You are all still in our thoughts here and send her all our love xx

  • Multiple daddy you too are a very “lovely” person. You are being an amazing daddy and husband. I genuinely think of you all the time and hope and pray her rehabilitation continues to assist her on the road to recovery. If she is going to the rehab centre I think she may go to then I can vouch she will be in safe hands. It will be difficult being apart but the specialist care provided will undoubtedly be worth it. Please send Kerry my very very best wishes. I last saw kerry at Christmas in July when we ate Cupcakes and had coffee together. She persuaded me not to put off having more children for financial reasons. Rather be poor and have a brood full of little monkeys. I can’t wait for her to back on here again love and best wishes to you all x

  • What a wonderful post. Thank you for keeping us updated. I think about you all so much. Get better soon Kerry xx

  • I think about Kerry and your family a lot. You have done and amazing thing picking up her blog while she is unable to write. That is above and beyond in an incredibly touching way. I am glad Kerry is going to the best places to help her with her recovery and that she has a wonderful supportive family that is lifting her up and helping her get better. Your family is an inspiration.

  • Thank you for the update. Think of you all lots, and hoping that the move to London makes huge leaps for Kerry’s recovery x

  • ‘Lovely’ post, shame on Colchester Zoo. Such a shame you will need to travel to London now, an added pressure, praying London can make it all worth your while.

  • We are all lovely people, thank you, but then so is Kerry and birds-of-a-feather and all that. She would do exactly the same for us if any one of us were in her position. Glad she’s on the right road to recovery, and thank you for keeping us updated.

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