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Listography – Time travel!

Oh, Katy Takes 5 – This is a very challenging one, and has really got me thinking! (I have brain ache!) So I went down the route of all the things I love and where this would take me!

So in true Bulls Eye style ‘In at number 1 is…’

1. Jane Austen era! (1800’s)

I just love Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility – probably more for the clothes than the love of the stories, but I would love to time travel to a place where proper courting existed, dances and meals occurred and I would love to have had someone do my hair perfectly everyday! In true Cinderella style I love the idea of a ball!

2. The last supper

I am christian and I just think it would have been quite cool to meet the guy! I have a lot of questions to ask him and I think this would have been quite a significant event to be at! However it was his last meal before his Crucifixion so he might not have been up for a deep and meaningful with me!

3. Darwin (1830 onwards)

I know science and religion don’t go! Well I manage to merge them together and besides in order to have faith you have to accept it is not tangible! But Darwin is my science hero! The idea of natural selection makes total sense to me and I would have loved to have gone on his trip to the Galapagos Islands!

4. The day my babies were born! (2008 and 2009)

The best days of my life bar my wedding day and I would just love to go back and absorb the atmosphere more. I would of stayed in hospital longer and just revelled in the new bambinos more! (Maybe skip the labour bit!)

5. The 60’s!

I think I would like a little sample of Mary Quant and Twiggy days! I love the style and just feel that was an element of my life I never had!

So there we have it! My time travel destinations! Go over to take Kate takes 5 and check out the others!

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