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Listography – the laminated list!

The laminated list Friends episode is a classic! I won’t believe you if you say you have not seen it. So have any of you had that conversation with the other half? The one where you can have a list of five famous men or women and if the unlikely opportunity arose you can have a one night stand with them. The lovely Kate Takes five has requested this of us this week and I feel that it is my duty to do so!

Well this requires careful consideration…..actually nope, I have my five straight from the top of my head!

1. Viggo Mortenson – I have seen Lord of the Rings a ridiculous amounts of times and it is all for Strider. I just love rough and ready! Grrr

2. Steve Jones – funny and gorgeous! What more can I say? Plus he has not found the right girl yet and that is obviously because I am married!

3. Adam Garcia – Who would not want to be danced off their feet with man? Plus I am a bit of a Coyote Ugly fan too, in which I think he is utterly gorgeous!

4. Jude Law – Yummy!

5. Robert Pattinson- Total Twilight fan, maybe even obsessed slightly, so really anyone could have played him and I would have loved them. I secretly think I am a bit like Bella in the fact I had a pregnancy fairly similar. I should have drunk blood to make me feel better! (Hyperemesis Gravidarum)

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