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Listography – First Five Albums

When I saw the lovely Kate Takes 5 listography list this week I panicked! I am actually quite embarrassed about this and have never felt so..naked! I mean exposed.

To put things into context I actually got into music quite late, my parents had a record player but I did not get a tape player until my 13th birthday so I spent my early days listening to the Bangles.

Albums were collected slowly, we could not really afford them so I would record the charts from the radio. (There is a baby violin playing just for me!) I got a CD player for my 15th birthday and then I started getting some albums because I had a Saturday job but they are.. erm… eclectic!

So here it goes, my first five albums were:

1. Alanis Morissette – Jagged little pill

I felt so cool having this album because I loved the song Ironic – I did not realise at the time the other songs were (blush) rude! I was quite an innocent little flower as a girl! (he he) I used to have to turn it down every time Mum was in the house!

2. . Bon Jovi – Crossroads
Well who doesn’t like Bon Jovi? This reminds me mostly of sixth form and singing it with boys in the back of the car! Although I had had this album for a while by then!

3. All Saints
The girls and I quite liked the spice girls but to be a bit quirky we went for All Saints! I love doing Never Ever a a karaoke number when tipsy!

4. Eternal – greatest Hits
I just loved their music! I am all for a Ballard!

5. Cats
Random I know but I am a huge musical fan and Cats was the first one I ever saw! It is such a shame that it is no longer on. My sister and I used to make up routines to MungoJerry and Rumpleteaser!

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1 comment to Listography – First Five Albums

  • Kate

    Oh I played Jagged Little Pill to death too – though I was in my 20's by that time… Looks like you were keeping the Girl Bands in business! Thank you for baring yourself in public.

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