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Lights Out, Tantrums and back to Cambridge……..

Unfortunately, Kerry took a turn for the worse last week and was rushed back to Cambridge. She was very poorly at the weekend but has been much brighter since. On a positive note she did not need any further surgery and we are hoping the stay at Cambridge will be a short one. She is incredibly sleepy and has not been very responsive; it is like she was when she woke from the coma. Nevertheless, with the infection under control, hopefully, she can now move forward.

I am sure, like me, you find the 4.30 – 7.00 time in the house as the most chaotic and difficult. Imagine the situation when after a busy weekend at 6.15 on Sunday evening you have a power cut! BB was resting on the sofa with a temperature and started moaning that Jake and the Neverland Pirates had switched off. Chilled Out Boy was on the toilet and just said ‘Oh no!’ You can only guess the mess that met me there. This was on top of the tantrum that Little Madam was throwing because I had dared to put her in pyjamas that were not purple or pink. Now in any normal house you would have a torch ready for such a situation, the only one I could find was Buzz Lightyears! This was not the most powerful and BB was insistent that it was his and he should hold it. Thankfully, Kerry is a fan of candles so this was easy, but I forgot to put into the equation Chilled Out Boy, who thought it was hilarious to blow them out. To make matters worse Kerry’s sister and fiancé were coming for dinner and I then decided that I needed to rescue the Roast Chicken. Suffice to say trying to keep it warm on the gas barbeque was not a good idea. The carnage was complete when Little Madam decided to be sick. Perhaps it is a sign of my priorities that in this frenzy I was able to locate the corkscrew and pour myself a glass of Rioja.

Tantrums seem to be on the rise at the moment. They are obviously very tired in the evening with extended days at school and nursery. BB threw one because he forgot to thank the driver of the car who stopped for him at the zebra crossing and he wailed all the way home from the Post Office. Even Chilled Out Boy joined in, now his was more serious and totally understandable….. I had stupidly opened his yoghurt for him….. You would have thought the world had ended. Poor Little Madam is feeling a little ‘ganged up’ on by the boys and I am pleased that she still insisted on having her pink elephant and Peppa Pig in bed with her….next to the police car and her gun.

One more thing…. I still haven’t bought a torch….must do that today!

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29 comments to Lights Out, Tantrums and back to Cambridge……..

  • oh bless you…sounds like a very stressful weekend. I’m glad things are looking up again for Kerry and I hope she is back in Colchester very soon.

    I’m chuckling at the thought of Little Madam in bed with Peppa and a gun. :-)

    The only torch we have moo’s..perhaps I should add one to my shopping list too. x

  • I do hope Kerry continues to get better and there are no more infections, and maybe get a few torches so no one feels left out!!!

    Sending best wishes and prayers


  • Lisa Troccoli

    Really puts perspective on what is really important in life! hope Kerry continues to improve and things go back to normal for you all, best wishes x

  • Thank the dear Lord for Rioja I say! Love hearing your news and constantly wishing Kerry a speedy recovery

  • Helloitsgemma

    Brilliant! I think you have your priorities I’m the right place. You really rock at this blogging lack – just remember Kerry will want her blog back – you may need to make plans for your own.

  • This made me laugh about the yoghurt pot, I get the same too. You can’t win sometimes! The power cut sounded horrendous but I expect afterwards (hence this post) you have had a chuckle about it. I am sorry to hear of Kerry being poorly but glad she is on the mend again and I hope she is back nearer to you all very soon :-) xx

  • I hope Kerry recovers well from this recent development. Gosh….

    You are getting into a stride with your writing – apart from the story of Kerry (love to her) this post is so great to read, especially as someone who is dealing with the terrible twos. Good to know other people deal with tantrums, yoghurt openings etc…

    When Kerry is back in the driving seat, she’ll have to let you do a blog post once a week – I hope Multiple Daddy is here to stay.

    Liska xx

  • I am sorry to hear that Kerry has been having a difficult week. Your writing about tantrums and torches…and the glass of rioja made me laugh. That was well written. You are amazing to keep your sense of humor in the toughest of times. I hope Kerry has a much better week and that the infections clear up soon.

  • Oh my goodness, sounds a lot like my house! You’re doing a grand job and I hope Kerry is home soon to see for herself xxxx

  • Sorry to hear about Kerrys setback. But also sorry your post really made me laugh. Typical children, typical family life, and it all sounds so familiar.
    You are doing a fab job not just in holding the fort, but managing to carry on with this blog, retaining your sense of humour and being mummy and daddy to three little bundles of hard work.
    ((((Hugs)))) to you all. xx

  • It never rains but pours :(
    Well done dir keeping calm in a crisis & hope Kerry recovers quickly from this minor set back x

  • Blimey, a Dad blogger is born! What a great post in the midst of all this stuff. Wishing Kerry a quick recovery so she can come back from Cambridge to be closer to you all very soon.

  • I’m exhausted just reading that! and as Hannah said, we’re the same with the yoghurt pot situation too!
    I hope Kerry continues to make good progress & she’s back on here soon xx

  • I am in awe of you. Your humour amid the mayhem shames old battle-axes like me.

  • I have literally just caught up on MM blog after ages of having problems receiving emails – and I’m so sad and shocked to read whats happened to Kerry! Sending you all loads of love, and healing vibes, I so hope Kerry’s recovery is now a fast one, and she’s back home with you all really soon! I can’t imagine what an awful time it has been for the family.
    Much much love
    Lucy xxxx

  • tantrums always seem to happen when you’re at your busiest. It must be hard for you coping with keeping 3 happy with constant thoughts of Kerry.
    I can just imagine trying to keep a chicken cooking on a BBQ!

    On the torch front – they wind up ones in no batteries to go flat and fun for the kiddies too!

    I hope Kerry continues to improve – thoughts and prayers are with you all.
    Keep up your good work Multiple Daddy!

  • Very glad to hear that things have improved for Kerry, apart from the recent set back, and agree with the above comments – there’s a new blogger in the making – Multiple Daddy!

  • You certainly do have your hands full! I’m glad Kerry has picked up again and didn’t need any further surgery, the emotional roller coaster must be hard to bare. Hopefully these little set backs will lessen and she will have a chance to concentrate on her rehabilitation. Hang in there, love from all the Le-bons x x

  • oh bless you sounds chaos I can picture it now. However amidst it all it sounds like you are still doing incredibly well and being such a fantastic dad and husband. Sorry to hear about Kerry. I am sending much love and healing thoughts xxx

  • Sounds like chaos and utter fun! Got to love the tantrums at the moment; The Boy is very good at throwing himself down on the floor, but carefully so he doesn’t hurt himself.

  • Sending prayers that Kerry recovers quickly from this set-back, Nick. Thank you for keeping us posted on her progress, as well as taking the time to fill us in on the antics at home. :) What a wonderfully dedicated dad and husband you are, taking over Kerry’s blog, when I’m sure, you’re already busy beyond belief. Perhaps you’ll be starting a blog of your own, when Kerry takes over again here? 😉

  • I hate to read your posts and see a set back, I hope it is only a temporary blip. Your chat on here is captivating us all, you know you have a blogging career for life now, it is an outlet for those exasperating moments!

  • so sorry to hear Kerry had a bit of a set back, but am hoping now she has been on the right track again, I have had so many youghurt pot melt downs here and feel your pain! keep your chin up it sounds like your doing such a wonderful job holding fort!

  • You are doing such an amazing job, Kerry always spoke very highly of you and she must be so proud. I continue to pray fro you all.

    Mich x

  • So sorry to hear about Kerry’s setback and we hope she is turning a corner, love your blog, great read, great humour and great spirit! Also very pleased that your Little Madam still loves her pink elephant!

  • Mammywoo

    My thoughts are with Kerry and with you.

    You are doing an amazing job and she would be so proud of you, like Michelle said, she spoke so highly of you.

    I think of her often.

    She once sent me an email to check on piece of writing she did about mental health, I found it this morning and was re reading our exchange. i miss her very much even though possibly we only spoke a handful of times online, i consider her to be amazing.

    Big love to you are your family x

  • Very wise girl – every girl ought to keep a gun in bed with them at night. You never know when that Buzz Lightyear is going to start roaming the house :)

  • […] going through hell ever since. Sometimes things seem to be improving, only for something else to push back those healing steps she is […]

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