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Lights out Blinds Review and Giveaway

I was asked by the lovely Tina from Loved by parents to review the Lights Out portable Blackout blind and with the issues we have been having with the twins I thought great stuff!

Lights Out Blinds Review and Giveaway Multiple Mummy

All neat and compact!

BBwas a dream sleeper and touch wood still is. At 3 he still has long naps and sleeps from 7.00pm to 7.30am. He was never bothered by light, if he was tired he slept and I never really thought about blackout blinds.

The twin have been a different kettle of fish completely. They are light sleepers, bothered by light and this summer we could not bear the early morning wakes up any more and we bought a blind. It is still in the box, far to complicated and difficult to put up and assemble. What a waste of money.

Now it is getting dark you must be wondering what the issue is? Well the twins room have unlined, white curtains. They are very thin. Not something I had considered an issue as I was under the illusion from BBthat all babies slept, plus the curtains looked great in the room. The problem is that even though it is dark, due to their thinness, the twins are disturbed by cars lights, in the early morning from those heading off to work! The Lightsout Portable blinds have been working so well to prevent this disturbance.

They come in a round bag (2 of them) with suckers and rods. They extend to 1m x 1.2m each. They have a sucker in the middle that has a toggle cord so you can pull tight, and all you do, is stick the sucker to the middle of you window, pull the toggle and the blind is up. Easy peasy.

The window in the twins room has quite a wide windowsill causing a big recess, so the toggle length was a bit short, so all I did was add one of the extra rods on the back, and complete the same process.

I firstly put one up, but it was not quite big enough, effective, but still let light in at the sides as you can see.

Lights Out Blinds Review and Giveaway Multiple Mummy

One blind across the window!

So then I position the pair up! Perfect!


Two blinds fit better across my wide window!

Just so you get an idea of my curtains, this is them without the blinds – se how much light comes through!

Lights Out Blinds Review and Giveaway Multiple Mummy

Thin curtains and lots of light!

This is them with the blinds! What a difference!

Lights Out Blinds Review and Giveaway Multiple Mummy

See the difference!

Packing away is fairly straight forward, but there is definitely a knack to it and it takes a bit of practice to work out the folding mechanism, but it may sound strange but you get a ‘feel’ for how they collapse! The size of the case once packed away is tiny and is brilliant to take away on trips or holiday and takes up no space in a car. On evenings when we go to friends or family and we put the kids down, sometimes they have been in room with no curtains so these are fab for those occasions too!

The blinds fit most windows (unless maybe you live in a conservatory). I love the fact you can have them up and leave the window open as well, so in summer months you can still get cool air in.

I have been very impressed by the lights out blinds and would definitely recommend them.

They retail at £34.95 for the pair which I think is great value for two blinds, that pop up, are packed away easily, fit any window and can be transported. You would not need to purchase any other blind if you had these, and I just wish we had discovered them this summer!

You can find out more about Lights Out Blinds by looking at their website, following them on twitter and on Facebook!

So Lights out Blinds have kindly offered one lucky reader to win a pack of lights out blinds which contain two blinds like mine! Just follow the instructions below. Good Luck!

Light out blinds review mULTIPLE MUMMY

I was given a pack of Lights out blinds for the purpose of this review. The opinions are my own!

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