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Kreativ and Versatile Blogger award!

This week I have been a very lucky girl. I have been given a Kreativ Blogger award by Mummy and the Beastie and Versatile Blogger award from Memoirs of a middle class mummy. I am very flattered so thank you ladies. I hope you don’t mind but because each of the tasks ask me to do the same thing I am going to combine them. I will use the rules from Kreativ blogger as versatile only asks for seven facts…it makes you have to think more!

The rules to the linky award are:

1) Link to 10 blogs
2) Let the 10 bloggers know they have been awarded
3) List 10 facts about you

The blogs I am linking to are:

1. The crazy Kitchen
2. The Boy and Me
3. Polythene Pram
4. MumuGB
5. Beadspaperglue 
6. Kelly Brett
7. Petit Mom
8. Himmethree
9. SAHMlovimg it
10. Mummy Matters

If you have already been selected then you don’t have to do anything, just revel in the fact that someone else thinks your great!

So here are my facts:

1. I used to be an Occupational Therapist before a teacher and worked in Acute Mental heath and HIV/AIDS brain impairment units as well as Amputees and Surgery.

2. I was at the Royal London when the 7/7 bombing went off and I should have been on the tube through Aldgate that morning but jumped off at Stratford for some strange reason and got the central line into work!

3. I shut myself out of the house answering the door to the postman wearing only a dressing gown – I put on a coat and knee high boots and walked to my Hubby’s school to get the keys. He was quite peed off he had bottom set year 9 when I told I was naked!

4. At University my friends and I use to drink a cocktail called git juice because it made us little gits!

5. The second time I met my In laws we were going to Leeds to meet family – We travelled up with them and I was so hungover from the night before that my father in law had to pull the car over 4 times so I could be sick! I said I was so ashamed of myself and he ‘Kerry, I would be ashamed if I did not see you like this at least once!’

6. My brother lives in Brazil, My Dad lives in the Philippines and My sister had only just come back form the Congo Africa after two years and is now in Scotland! Mum and I are the home birds.

7. I met my husband when I was 18 and he is ten years older than me. There are two school in the town I grew up in and if I had gone to the other one, he would have taught me and I might not be here today…or he might not have a job!

8. According to a psychic evening I also have psychic powers…I have not yet worked out what they are but I am quite in tune with people’s feelings. If you have something to hide, I am not the person to talk to…I will get it out of you! I am always being told off for psychoanalysing people.

9. I am ridiculously flexible!

10. When I tell people I am a science teacher they look at me like I am lying! Obviously I don’t have a very intelligent looking face!

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4 comments to Kreativ and Versatile Blogger award!


    Thanks for tagging me. I have been tagged before but never actually got around to finishing it – I had trouble finding 10 interesting things about myself!
    I will try again….soon….

  • Mummy and the Beastie

    I can't believe I missed this, I am sure I checked! That is so scary about where you were during the bombing and spooky about the psychic powers!! xx

  • loveinthenest

    Whooops! Sorry I missed this! I did look, just obviously not well enough! Fab 10 things though! 😀 x


    Thanks for tagging me. I have been tagged before but never actually got around to finishing it – I had trouble finding 10 interesting things about myself!
    I will try again….soon….

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