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Kitchen ownership!

I can cook. Honestly, I can and quite well actually! It is just that my husband is a little obsessive over his ownership of the kitchen and finds the whole process relaxing so he tends to take over. As a lover of food, and someone who is quite happy to have yummyness brought to me on a plate, I willing step aside (in to order to maintain peace and harmony in the Multiple Mummy household) and let him do it. Let’s face it, I did say obey in our wedding vow’s and it would be wrong to not follow this don’t you think? *Wink, Wink*

BBis taking after his Daddy. He loves the kitchen and cooking and particularly baking. It is great to have him so interested in something. Our best toy investment (well, actually Nanny’s best toy investment, as it was a Christmas present last year) has been his kitchen and he plays with it everyday and for long periods of time. It is often brought into our kitchen so we can ‘cook together.’ Daddy try’s not to get frustrated that he is in the way of his creativity!

BBjust loves getting involved….but his most favourite part is the taste testing. Well, how can you become a chef if you don’t taste test along the way? These photo’s just sum up his kitchen antics and spot the evidence of taste testing!

By the way if you fancy having a go at those delicious Death by chocolate cupcakes cakes then just click on the recipe!




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