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Keeping the Fridge Full with Milk & More!

Keeping the fridge full in my house is a tough task as we get through dairy products like milk, cheese and yoghurt like they are going out of fashion.

When the twins were younger this was the amount of milk we would get through in one week, and to be fair that has not reduced that much since, as they are massive milk fans.

Keeping the fridge full with milk &more, multiple mummy

7 cartons of 4 pts of milk!

The first thing my three want in the morning are a glass of milk and cereal. The twins have milk on theirs but BBwon’t touch it. On many occasion now, I have gone to the kitchen at 9pm at night to make a cup of tea and realised that we do not have enough milk for the morning. It is such a pain, because although there are many 24-hour supermarkets, it means getting out of you PJ’s and dressed again, and out into the cold to go and fetch those last minute necessities.

A few months ago I got a knock at the door from the local milkman. I had seen him on his rounds before but had not used him, and he was enquiring as to our interest. The idea that a couple of times a week I can have a few pint of milk on the doorstep first thing in the morning is fabulous and has saved us a number of last minutes shop dashes, but on top that is the genius part. The milkman who works for the Dairy Crest company told me about ‘milk&more’ which is their online food shopping website. You can order last minute essential items from there to be delivered with your milk on your very next delivery morning.

Keeping the Fridge Full with Milk & More So if last thing at night you think, ‘oh a fry up tomorrow would be lovely’ and your milkman is coming the following morning, you could easily order all the bits you need ready for your yummy breakfast fresh the next day.

For us it has been useful for milk, orange juice, washing up liquid and teabags! All those things you run out of and usually need first thing the next morning. Additionally you can get fresh vegetables and fruit and brilliant bakery goodies. I am still hoping they will add some baby product to their service like nappies and wipes as we have all been there scouting the car and every changing bag under the sun for one last nappy and wondering what on earth we are going to use on the kids first thing in the morning (or is that just me and my disorganized parenting?)!

I have been thoroughly impressed with the service (our milkman is the friendliest guy you could ever care to meet) and really recommend it. It’s a Mummy’s grocery secret weapon.


I have been using milk&more and Dairy crest for six months now at my own free will and my opinion of the service is my own. This post contains a featured link. For more information see my disclosure policy.
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