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Junction Junction Hippobus and Beetle Bugs Play Set – A review

Junction Junction is a pre school series featuring on theDisney Juniors channel and has been awarded a BAFTA nomination. It is is based on the stories of animals on wheels that live in the jungle. BBloves Jungle Junction the toys have been long awaited.

I was so fortunate to be sent the new Junction Junction Hippobus and Beetle Bugs Play Set from Flair which is being priced at £19.99. It is aimed for 3 years plus.

Jungle Junction Hippobus and Beatle bugs play set review

All boxed up!

Hippobus is a yellow smiley Jamaican hippopotamus school bus, which usually carries the beetle bug  to school. On first inspection of the box I was a little under awed of the toy itself in the fact that I actually thought it looked a little uninspiring – I couldn’t quite work out what it did. However, when I showed it to BBwho was buzzing with excitement and took it out of the packaging it’s cleverness revealed itself.

The bus has a side door which opens and closes and a main opening compartment in which out comes a green ramp that the beetle bugs can slide down to exit the bus. Each beetle bug has it’s own little seat and it actually requires some good dexterity skills to get the beetles in and out. The bus comes complete with 5 beetles all different colours (again a nice learning and counting exercise) and a play scenery mat with stickers that the beetle bugs can play on. Inside the bus in proper fitted clips on the wall are two stop and go signposts that can be used to encourage road safety.

Jungle Junction Hippobus and Beatle Bugs play set Review, Multiple Mummy

Sliding down the ramp!

On it’s head are ears which when wiggled produce 3 different sounds – the beetlebugs giigles, the sounds of them bouncing and the bus horn. The batteries are already in place so this works straight away. The genius part is that you can pack all the parts up inside the bus and drive the hippobus around and this is even better for a travel toy as it is easy to pack away and take to places.


  • Great for stimulating role play and imagination
  • Good dexterity skills
  • Learning colours, numbers and road safety
  • Good travel toy


  • The side door is quite hard to shut which really frustrated BBas he could not do it himself, and had to keep asking me which interrupted his focus.
  • The parts are quite small, so be wary of younger children in the house

Disclaimer: I was sent the Jungle Junction Hippobus and beetle bugs play set free of charge in order to review. I was not paid for this post. The opinions expressed are honest and my own.

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