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It’s home..but not my dream home yet!

It’s home, but not my dream home is a terrible thing to say I know. I realise that I am very blessed to have my gorgeous home, I really am. It is a reasonable sized three bedroom semi, but it is not the home I envisioned raising a family in. Well not yet anyway…with a bit of tweaking!

Like most families the home you have is totally determined by income but some decisons we have made over the years have impacted on that.

1. After qualifying and getting my first job from University, a year into work I decided to changed careers. This meant more training and 2 years behind in earnings.

2. The 10 year age gap between my husband and I meant that we had to compromise on when to have the children as he didn’t want to be an ‘old’ Daddy which is fair enough. This then meant I didn’t work for very long before having children and therefore my income had not incremented as high as I would have liked. This has impacted on the mortgage we could have.

3. Finally the surprise arrival of twins has resulted in me not be able to go back due to the above and the crazy cost of childcare therefore we are stumped. Stopped. Kaput!

We just can’t move. It is out of the question. We also can’t extend of change any of it again due to that dreaded thing money. Actually if we could, it would be perfect as room is the issue. I could do with a kitchen diner so that orange food isn’t splattered over my cream carpet (genius idea pre-children but totally understand why people laughed and questioned our choice at the time!) and we could also do with an extra bedroom.

Despite my little whine there are so many elements of our home that I love.

Our location – we are in an estate but our house backs onto a nature trail which is protected and this is the view from our bedroom window!

It's home...but not my dream home yet!

Our bedroom window view Jan 2011

Our lounge – a bit simple but I love our back wall. The print from Thailand that hubby and I both fell in love with without the other realising. We both went to ask the price in the hotel separately and broached each other over dinner one night about a photograph we wanted. We couldn’t believe it was the same one! Also my love of masks.

It's home...but not my dream home yet!

Evidence of our travels

Our hall – the shrine to our children!

It's home ....but not my dream home yet!

We are a little obsessive with photo's in this house!

The twins room! Too cute for words!

It's home ....but not my dream home yet! Multiple Mummy

Although they are not quite as cute looking now!

The Kitchen – thriving with activity!

It's home ....but not my dream home yet! Multiple Mummy

Master chef in action!

And of course you never know who you might meet on the stairs!

It's home ....but not my dream home yet! Multiple Mummy

Captain Hook! Ahoy!

So you see, it may not be the dream farmhouse, with large oak table and copper saucepans but it does contain my dream family.

What more could a girl want really? …well a utility room actually! 😉

This is part of Tara at Sticky Fingers Gallery

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