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iPhone Heartache

I have iphone heartache. I don’t know what to do, I feel slightly tortured somehow.

I have never been a gadget geek until I started blogging and now I want it all; iphone, good computer, ipad. It is not that I am greedy it is just that it all looks so amazing and clever and it is weird because I have never been that interested before.

Previously a phone just needed to text and ring and I was happy with that. Then the goal post changed and I wanted decent photo’s (maybe due to having babies) so I got my Samsung a year and a half ago. Then my Samsung broke! Luckily hubby came to the rescue and gave me is old and cracked blackberry. I was elated because I could now get internet access and my emails and tweets directly to my phone – even if my phone was in shocking condition!

Then last week I received the most amazing news that I had won the Elma Cybermummy competition (Elma is the numbing cream for injections company) and they told me I had won an iphone 3GS! I was beside myself, not only for winning but also to have something so damn cool! Now I know that those of you who have the iphone 4 will be thinking, ‘Why the hell is she so excited? It is not the latest model,” but you see this is the most advanced I have EVER been when it comes to technology!

It arrrived at the beginning of this week, so swift and I immediately rang orange to see if I needed a micro sim. I didn’t…hooray I can use it straight away! ….Erm …Wrong!

Me: Yes that is correct I do have a blackberry

Orange: I am afraid the system won’t let me override you and transfer you to an iphone contract for the internet. Plus your minutes will drop from 1200 internet mins to 900!

Me: oh..well how many minutes do I use?

Orange: You are well within the quota. However we can’t give you internet access this month. You will have to wait to the 19th August!

Me: You are joking…I am so gutted. I have been a loyal customer for nearly two years. I want to use my NEW phone! *wipes tear from eye*

Orange: Sorry Madam, there is nothing we can do.

So I put the phone down dumbstruck and heartbroken. My iphone sits in beautiful box unused but so loved. It feels like somone told me it was my birthday tomorrow and that I would get lots of presents and then changed their mind.

iPhone heartache, Multiple Mummy

My iphone sits lonely in its box!

I really wanted to take it on holiday. I know I am sulking but I can’t help it.

I am grateful I have an iphone, I truly am, I just wanted to be able to use it.

You would have iphone heartache too if this happened to you I am sure!



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6 comments to iPhone Heartache

  • What rubbish customer service!!

    You ought to be able to get yourself a PAYG or 30-day contract SIM to get you connected until Orange can sort themselves out? You won’t keep your number of course, but could keep the Blackberry for incoming calls and use the iPhone for everything else.

    All the major providers should be able to provide this kind of SIM to you – it’s a good time to test t another one if you’re not getting what you want from Orange.

    I’ve done quite a bit of research into this kind of stuff previously (although for iPhone4 rather than 3GS), so if you have any qutions just shout and I’ll see if I can help!

    I am not impressed that Orange were unable to offer you any alternatives!

  • That’s not good, we know how you must feel. Totally agree with the previous comment! Get a new PAYG Sim. You should be able to walk in to another providers shop and get one straight away.

    Good luck!

  • Oh no!! GUTTED! But you WILL get to use it, right!?!?? You will you will…

  • Surely thats a load of s**t……. You need to raise your voice with them! I hate complaining but sometimes you have to, and I would be doing now, they’ve not even tried to help you. The poor thing can’t sit in its box any longer! Nat

  • Oh no what a nightmare Kerry. To be handed a new toy and then told you can’t use it is just mean. What terrible customer service, phone companies can be a nightmare. It will seem a long few weeks but it’s within grasp now and will be worth the wait :-) xx

  • hey sis if you dont want to wait the simple thing to do is go and buy a £15 pay as you go chip for iphone i did on o2 and it gave me a year internet free maybe worth checking it ou at least to do you till you get your orange switched

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