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Inspired Sister Multiple Mummy

My gorgeous sister playing Auntie!

Who inspires you is the theme to this weeks The Gallery. I have been lucky, so many people have inspired me and touched my life in a way for me to want to better myself. My parents for one, for encouraging me to follow my dreams and supporting every decision I have made, my friends, particularly C for awe-inspiring kindness and her ability to make everyone feel wonderful about themselves and L for being part of my life from the beginning and loving me for every flaw! Not forgetting my husband whom I have known for my whole adult life and who continues to encourage and support me with everything especially this blog.

However the lady in question that this post is dedicated to is my sister. My baby sister! We call her Loopy because well basically she is a bit loopy.

She never ceases to amaze me with all she accomplishes and wants from life. Her ability to dream and hope for the best and to make this come true is incredible. Her optimism is outstanding. Her heart is just gorgeous – she is kindness through and through. Although don’t be too fooled, if there is a fight to be had she will be in it to win like a Tigress protecting her cubs! She has little tolerance for fools but her honesty is pure. She says what she thinks.

She has confidence that puts me to shame. She left the country at 24 to live a life in the Congo. Her boyfriend worked there at the time and they decided to set up there lives there. Not one to do nothing she found work for a charity called Stand Proud, where she worked with sufferers of Polio. She managed the centre and provided care and splints for these children and young adults. I wrote a little about who she helped in my Save the Children post. Totally inspiring.

Then she suffered a broken heart. Not one to lay down in cold misery she decided to move forwards and take on a Master’s degree in International development Studies and completed the course. It was at this point she met up with a friend from 5 years ago and the sparks flew! She is now engaged to be married hopefully next October. This has brought her back into the country (yay!) but has settled in her Edinburgh so we still cannot see each other regularly. We do however talk everyday.

We have not always been this close. As little girls we played and then as teenagers we went our separate ways. We have some how found mutual territory that just makes us the best of friends. There is not one thing she does not know about me.

Her aim is to work for another charity. She loves fund-raising and researching and finding out ways to make the world a better place.  For me it is just having her in it. She inspires me to want to learn, explore and have fun and to see that just because I am settled with a family there is always room for change. Good change.

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