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Inside my fridge!

Opening your fridge door and inspecting it suddenly makes you start to question your eating and hygiene habits. It really is quite revealing.

So in the strangest Meme ever (I was tagged in by TheboyandMe and Mummy Mishaps) I reveal to you now the contents of my fridge.

Opening my fridge door and you would either think…this girl has her own dairy farm or maybe she has lots of kids that drink lots of milk! The latter would be true!

Yes that really is 7 bottles of 4pt milks but 2x 2pt milks! These were bought yesterday and we have already used up 6 pints. We will be lucky if this lasts the week!

The only way I can get fruit into my children (apart from bananas for the twins, BBhates banana!) is fruit smoothie!

The pathetic looking vegetable drawer – should be potatoes, broccoli, some salad, butternut squash and courgettes in there!

Can you tell Easter is creeping up with the cream eggs? All your usual bits and bobs, mayo, jam,salad cream, coffee, mustard and pesto!

More giveaways that this is houseful of children – butter, fromage frais, eggs, my delicious mars milkshakes, hubby’s beer and champagne (for all those glamorous occasions we hold….yeah right!)

So whats in your fridge?
For this one I tag:
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7 comments to Inside my fridge!

  • notyetayummymuumy

    Oh my goodness I've never seen so much food! Glad to see there is enough room for a few bottles of bubbles x

  • TheBoyandMe

    Woman that is a serious amount of milk! I also have Duerr's strawberry conserve in my fridge; it's my favourite brand.

    Ahh, Philadelphia! A staple of a toddler's fridge!

  • Mrs E

    My god you drink a lot of milk!


    that's a very well stocked fridge and is what mine would've looked like had we just had the shopping, thankfully for me it was almost empty when I was tagged & therefore less to list!
    Champagne & chocolate is always a good combination in a busy mums fridge!

  • cherrymumof6

    Wow, i know what you mean about the milk, i havent got quite as much as you but not far off.
    I will be furiously scrubbing and organising my fridge tomorrow ready for my post, lol

  • Emma

    Wow! You need a bigger fridge sweetie! Very insightful post, love it! How much milk?

  • geekmummy

    That's an amazing amount of milk!

    Thanks for the tag – I've been hoping someone would tag me for this one, as I've been really enjoying seeing everyone else's fridges :)

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