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I’m Hungry Mummy, I’m Hungry!

I know what your thinking, poor starving child!! Yes he is truly wasting away before my very eyes. The fact that he had only eaten a bowl of cereal, two weetabix with marmite on top (yes, gross I know but that’s how his Daddy eats it!) and a fruit bar all before half ten in the morning, it is no wonder that his tummy feels empty!

When I ask him what he fancies, he immediately says in his cutest voice ‘Something else!’

‘Something like what?’ I say. I already know the answer before his says it!

‘C,,HOC..O..LATE!’ he says whispering!

Ok it is elevenses, on this occasion one little biscuit won’t hurt! But ten minutes later its ‘I’m hungry Mummy, I’m Hungry!’ He sounds like Rolly in 101 Dalmatians when he says he is so hungry he could eat a whole elephant! It is only half eleven!

Well it isn’t the end of the world to do an early lunch, so being Friday, (fish day), it is fish fingers, waffles and broccoli! Obviously I am not one to lack imagination and yes, you did read correctly, I served a vegetable! I am not a completely terrible parent! (I tell you, I feel like such a liar telling my little ones to eat their vegetables when I hate them so much!)

Twenty minutes later, all cooked and ready! Served up, and cut in bits. Four mouthfuls in and ‘Mummy, I’m full!’ The little gremlin!

‘Four more mouthfuls’ I say through gritted teeth, trying to remain calm and show that he does not have control over food, whilst I continue to shovel it into the twins mouths! He does eat, reluctantly, but we are now headed way past nap time, things have gone completely out of sink, and he is almost too tired to eat.

It is difficult getting it right with food, trying to find the balance between healthy snacks and a treat, eating their dinner, of which they know you are never going to force feed, ensuring a balanced diet, topped off with worrying they are eating too much or not eating enough. It is a constant worry for me.

Snacks in our house tend to consist of bread sticks and hummus, rice cakes, fruit bars, fruit smoothies (as they will not eat fruit!) and the occasional chocolate biscuit. What snacks to you give? Would love to get some ideas! Especially as I am due a food shop, and am scraping about for the last morsel at the moment. You see, they are poor starving children aren’t they?

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7 comments to I’m Hungry Mummy, I’m Hungry!

  • Helen

    My little one sounds a bit like yours, he eats ALL morning, cereal & his milk with his brother & sister and then when they've gone to school he will usually have 2 pieces of toast & then a banana! and at this point I haven't even had a coffee! He then has lunch – usually grapes & cheese & breadsticks or a sandwich(depending on how much bread he's already eaten). After his afternoon nap he only usually has a snack if big brother is having a bowl of cereal & he wants some too, and then dinner – which he doesn't usually eat all of. He doesn't really have snacks, I think he fills up so much in the morning that he doesn't seem to need them. Sometimes he may have some chocolate or a biscuit but I think as long as he's eating mostly good stuff a bit of bad is ok too.

  • I used to feel guilty about this issue all the time, but I’m much more relaxed now. After school for my kids this week has gone as follows: back at home snack: peanut butter on toast; to park for bike ride/run around; home for tea (invariably chicken/fish with chips and brocolli/peas; Fab lolly for afters; then an apple, then a banana, then a pre-bed Digestive biscuit. We established the routine a while ago, so they are completely brainwashed and know what to expect and what never to ask for. It must be working aqt some level because the kids are all very healthy and as skinning as rakes.

  • Ok, all I can say is: weetabix, with MARMITE! I like them both, but not at the same time! OMG!!

  • Jenny paulin

    My ex’s mum used to eat marmite on weetabix!? I thought she was odd lol
    Snacks vary here but coud be goodies organix gingerbread men or those alphabet biscuits or their flapjack bars. Sometimes banana, apples or raisins. somtimes mini Jaffa cakes sometimes a homemade cupcake. Depends really. Usually on what he has or hasn’t eaten at meal times! they are monkeys tho! Xx

  • Oh I get fed up of meal-times sometimes. I can’t handle tea-time, I quite often have to do a bunk halfway through or when I’ve finished (leaving hubby with him) because The Boy takes forever to eat his tea and it stresses me out!

    Thanks for linking up to ShowOff ShowCase

  • they all go through phases of having hollow legs as we use to call it, other weeks they eat next to nothing, think as long as it is balanced overall then no harm done. and must admit weetabix and marmite not my thing….but will save it going solid on the bowl…..

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