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Igniting Passions…of interest!

I always get nervous when asked to dine out knowing there will be people I don’t know. Strangely, this nervousness has increased since not being able to work. Somehow I feel like I don’t have as much to offer the world. This is one of the reason why I love blogging, because suddenly a few people seem to like what I have to say, and this has given me a sense of myself back.

To make matters worse, the new couple in question were both retired school teachers, an ex Head and OFSTED inspector and a lecturer of Sociology. Now this immediately put me on guard, I was going to have to remember things from teaching and not look like a total dipstick.

However, once conversation got flowing, it was amazing how quickly things started to fall back into place and I could feel that little burning of passion that I have for my career beginning to ignite. And you know what? I think I held my own. They were lovely  which really helped the situation.

You see, as much as I love being a stay at home Mum, it is sometimes very easy to think you have very little else to contribute, especially when you don’t have time to listen to the headlines or look at the front of the newspaper. You can feel very out of the loop of current affairs and when a social life is nearly non-existent due to lack of funds and babysitters you do not get the same chances  to do the things that are of interest to you and then therefore lack things to discuss when the rare opportunities  arise.

I have always considered myself very talentless, I can’t play an instrument, have no sporting ability at all, can’t speak a second language (I find The English one difficult enough at times) and my creativity is well, unique. This is not self pity, just fact, but tonight my husband reminded me what I am good at, and that is people. I just love people, am interested in their lives, and like to know what makes them tick. I hope that I make people feel comfortable and at ease.

Obviously my family make my world go round, but remembering what things make me tick, ignite my passion, strive for more and give me confidence and self esteem is also very important. So what are they? What are my interests? I have found this actually quite hard. It is like writing that crappy bit of your CV when most people say things like they love climbing and then get caught out in interview, because they can’t name one other Mountain other than Snowdonia!

So here are my loves more for a reminder to me but also so you can find out a bit more about me too:

Reading and literature

On reflection I should have done an English degree, my passion is for English Literature. I don’t get the same opportunities to read, but many of my close friends and indeed my best friend are English teachers, and they are starting up a book club at the end of this month which I am going to join in on. My best friend has already given me the first book. It’s called Room by Emma Donoghue  if you fancy joining in!


I just love the theatre (my best friend took me to see A View from the Bridge for my birthday last week – fabulous) but musical theatre is a real passion. My favourites are Les Miserable which I have seen 6 times including the 25th anniversary performance at the O2 this year, Blood Brothers, Cats, The Lion King to name but a few. I really want to see Wicked at some point, and am also desperate to see The War Horse!

Horse racing

I am no expert, in fact I pick the shirts I like or the names that mean something, but I love going to the races. Up to the point of having children my husband and I made it our annual  thing to go to Goodwood races every year around our anniversary.


I have a little rhythm, I can follow a routine, but I just dance, in all forms from street to ballet. I watch all the dance shows, it sends the hair on the back on my neck up. I am sad as the dance class I have been attending is coming to an end and it was so fabulous!


I am an addict. I just love entering competitions.

Stationery and craft

I dabble in a bit of card making on the side. One day if I am brave enough I will show you some.  Like all teachers I do like a bit of cutting and sticking! As for stationery, well nothing and I mean nothing excites me more than a new pad or pencil. Crikey my husband gets it easy for presents. I can’t leave a place we visit even to this day without buying a pencil or a rubber!


It started with biology and more specifically human anatomy and physiology but since teaching, my eyes have opened to the world of science and I just want to learn more. I wish I could resit my A level chemistry. Studying, if I didn’t have so much to do, would be something that I would have loved to do now but maybe one day in the future I can continue to expand.  So many avenues and possibilities!

And finally my new passion: Blogging.

Cybermummy will remedy that, and again even Cybermummy seemed like a distant dream and now that is a reality. I feel like blogging is an open doorway to possibilities. I don’t know what these are, or how they might unfold, or even if they will, but it excites me and that is a great feeling.

So I would really like to know some of your interests and passions. So if you fancy writing a similar post let me know, and add it to the linky below so other bloggers that have been reading can find out a little more about you. Please just add this post and link details in your post. If not then this can be one on its own, I won’t be offended. There isn’t a format or a set number I just want to know what makes you tick with the simple exclusion of your children as that it a given! Simple!

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8 comments to Igniting Passions…of interest!

  • Helen

    Sounds like a good idea to me kerry. I will have to think long and hard about it though as off the top of my head I can't think of any interests I have these days and they would be very different to your very cultured interests! Does Australia soaps count?? Xx

  • geekmummy

    I love the theatre too, especially musicals! Les Mis was my favourite for many years, until I saw Wicked (which I highly recommend). Very jealous of you seeing the 25 year anniversary performance – I didn't even know that was happening, shows how out of touch I am these days!

    I'm going to have to go and Google The War Horse as I've never heard of it!

  • Ooh Baby - All things Cuteable

    I think this is a lovely idea! Good on you, as it's so true, you definately lose part of your identity when you become a mummy, one of the main reasons I started blogging was because of this. You end up so consumed with everything baby, you forget about yourself in a way. I will definately linky up later in the week, I'm moving tomorrow so it's a bit hectic just now ;o) Will take me a while to do it though – the babybrain is still a nightmare! x

  • Him Up North

    Good idea! I've been collared to do this so I'll be back to link up.

    Nothing to offer the world? What nonsense… 😉

    (loving the blog makeover too)

  • Ooh Baby - All things Cuteable

    Really glad I joined in with this – so thanku, although I've not tagged anyone else as yet! I read Room a couple of months ago, there's a review on my blog – it's FAB! Really gutted I'm not going to Cybermummy, but hoping to go to Blogcamp in Manchester. I seem to have lost all sense of co-ordination since Maya was born, I used to be able to dance, but not anymore. You should see me a Zumba lol. I really fancy going to cuban salsa classes. Great to get to know you a bit better! ;o)

  • Liska

    Oooooh when did you get the new header? … it's stunning x
    Reading the post now, but had to say that first x

  • would like to be a yummy mummy

    This has been a great post and really got me thinking. I love being a Mummy and a wife but what about me? Where have I gone?? Am going to make a real effort to spend some time doing things I like. So thank you x

  • Him Up North

    Good idea! I've been collared to do this so I'll be back to link up.

    Nothing to offer the world? What nonsense… 😉

    (loving the blog makeover too)

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