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Ideal Home Show 2011

I have gone to the Ideal Home Show religiously for the last five years with my Mum. Even heavily pregnant I walked around determined not to miss some new home ware item that I almost certainly needed!
When it comes to home design, I am definitely no expert, but I love things pretty and sparkly and colourful. What I mean is, I know what I like; just not always how to put it together and the Ideal Home show is a great place to help with this.
Last year we went and to my amazement was the first year I was disappointed. We actually said, maybe we had gone too often and would give it a break. In a strange twist of fortune I managed to get hold of free tickets via The Evening Standard and we thought, well it’s a nice day out in London, a day off from the children, let’s go anyway.
And we did!
It did not disappoint! We had the most fantastic day. The show homes as always looked incredible but on this occasion we did not queue to go in to look as we were more interested in the upstairs, which consisted of:
Ideal Food and House Wares
One of my most favourite things – where you get to sample lots of yummy things from cheeses to olives, to curry and sausages! Plus taste lots of lovely alcohol! I was treated to the most delicious chocolate orange milkshake.
Ideal woman
This included beauty, hair care and pampering. I particularly like the massage chair and could have set up shop, but was politely asked to let others have a go!  They even had the fish that eat you feet! It was priced at £10 for 10 minutes. I don’t know if this is a good value, but my Mum nearly totally freaked out at the thought so I was not allowed to investigate!
Ideal Shopping
This had gifts and children’s bit and pieces. I bought BBthe loveliest book for his birthday called ‘The Fabulous Life of Honey Furrari’ by Eileen Townend and Brooke West (which Eileen kindly signed for him). It is about the adventures of a Jack Russell and came with an audio CD and plush toy. I do try and support new people in business as I am not brave enough to do it myself and it must be so hard starting out. You can actually follow Honey on twitter!
Down stairs displayed the show homes, The Rover’s Return from
Coronation Street

, The Interiors section, Gadgets section and Home Improvement and the Gardening section.

You really do need some spending money! You could go mad. We kept going round saying ‘When I win the lottery…’ It is lovely to dream. I did even have my palm read and tarot cards done there, just to see if that was on the cards (no pun intended!)
The day was made super special by a performance from the cast of The Jersey Boys! They were amazing and for a brief half hour felt like a mini concert. A concert with retail, how perfect is that?
So this is my recommendation. If you have nothing to do this weekend, or in fact up until 27th March, go and take a look! It is a great day out.
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