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I won’t shy away – I happen to love Blogging

I went away this weekend, and had the most fabulous time which should not be a surprise as we were staying in top notch London hotel and had spa treatments and a limo..what’s not to like? However, I always worry about being in large groups of people, as I get very nervous and insecure. I am a terrible worrier and often wonder what I have to offer people. I shy away from telling people I blog, partly because they don’t get it, partly because I worry it is boring and partly because I am embarrassed. I know that sounds awful, but I think people think, what kind of saddo puts all her thoughts out into cyberspace and claims she has friends on twitter?

After this weekend though, and a long talk with my best friend, I am coming out of the blogging closet so to speak. I am proudly going to say that I have effectively taken what started as an online diary and memory scrapbook of my kids, to a working blog that has PR interest and ok, does not make any money (yet) but has potential (maybe). My hubby will go mad at this, as he will say he has been saying this for months! He has been an incredible support.

In less than a year my computer skills have increased, my confidence as a stay at home mum has increased because I have something that makes my brain tick, I have learnt to network, negotiate, and liaise with all manner of people and have started to see the workings of the advertising and media world. It has been a huge eye opener and a fabulous experience.

Most of all I have met and found support and friendship with some amazing people in the blogging community and seeing as this is coming into the festive spirit I thought was the perfect opportunity to say some thank you’ s.

Firstly to the lovely The Boy and Me. A lady whose blog I read from when I started and it looked so professional I believed she had been blogging for years, but in fact she was only a few months older than me. In the beginning when asking for advice and giving random pleas for help she was  one of the few people who responded and gave me advice and encouragement.

Next is a big ‘ta’ to the kind sir of Him Up North. A man with a fantastically dry sense of humour, a brilliantly creative story telling ability and the strangest phrases from up North that I have actually had to google to interpret! He, however in the first few months, when I had that insecurity blip and thought of jacking the whole thing in, emailed me and told me to pull myself together, get some broad shoulders and continue if I enjoyed it and so I have. Thanks HUN, you’re a star.

Then the lovely Anne from NewBornFree – a lady I got to know after reviewing the products without request (because I used them with the twins and loved them) and then kept chatting via twitter and Facebook.  I entered the Born Free CyberMummy Competition last year to be sponsored to go and I won! Anne has been a fabulous support of my writing and has since become a great friend. I now proudly write for the Baby Born Free panel on their parenting blog.

The strong-minded, totally independent and confident Nickie from Typecast. Nickie tugged at a raw nerve after writing a post about education. I wrote a comment expressing my feeling as a teacher and how I did not agree with her. She wrote a devil advocate comment back. I bit and wrote back. I got an apology the next day… she claimed the wine was talking! I love that you can be free to debate with Nickie. I admire that you can disagree with her, and it does not make her not like you, she just loves the fact that you will engage in a debate with her. Since then I have emailed Nickie on a number of occasions with various questions and asking for advice as I really value her opinion and also know she does not beat around the bush. She is honest and to the point. A great support to newbie bloggers.

The amazing Mummymummymum. This lady started just after me and got chatting via twitter as most blogging friendships start. She then came up with the idea of posting science experiments on her blog and then asked me if I would like to collaborate (as I am a science teacher by trade). Science Sparks was born. After meeting and attending at CyberMummy, we decided we would set up Science Sparks as its own blog. It has done amazing well in the short few months that it has been running. We have both be struggling for time, but we both really want to push it next year. For those of you that don’t know, but it is about engaging your children in science at home and any support is gratefully received so go and check it out..when you finish reading this of course!

The girls that all started out at the same time as me, including The Crazy Kitchen, Mummy, Daddy and me takes three, New Mum Online, Would like to be a Yummy Mummy, Not yet a yummy mummy, Mummy and the Beastie and Seasider Clare. All of which are fabulous woman and all of which have become friends over the year, and all of which I have met! Yay!

There are so many others that I could mention including my ‘big sis’ Aresidence, for making me believe in myself, but these are the most significant so far.

And a huge thank you to you if you are reading me and enjoying it. Every time I get a comment or see a page view, my confidence increases and it is all worthwhile.

I will now proudly call myself a blogger, and never shy away again.



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18 comments to I won’t shy away – I happen to love Blogging

  • What a lovely post (and thanks for the mention). I am in a similar boat – don’t like telling people what I do and how I end up reviewing so much. I find it embarrassing, mainly because I am honest on the blog and some real life people wont know some things about me.
    You should be proud – you have a fab blog x

  • Great post Kerry, and thanks for the mention. I’m in the same boat too, there are only a handful of people that know I blog, some aren’t interested & some really are and want to find out more & now I feel confident enough to tell them.
    You have a great blog & long may it continue

  • Dearest Kerry, you are and always have been a wonderful blogger because you write from your heart. You’re honest and full of love and not afraid to talk about the bits about life and parenting that make you worried or scared.
    I think your blog is one of the nicest places to be in cyberspace, and you have every right to be loud and proud when talking about it!
    Thank you for including me in this post, I’m so happy that we are friends xx

  • Yay!!1 thanks so much for the mention! I am sooo glad I met you, and so glad that someone tagged me in that 10 questions meme, where I first mentioned science.

    I am going to be brave and come out soon too…eeeek!

  • ..and so you should be proud, you have come a long way and write a fab blog.

    Mich x

  • Thank you for the name check. You are too kind. I’m glad you’re still blogging, and if I can take a modicum of credit I will! Keep it up x

  • Aaahhh fabulous post. I know what you mean about people thinking you are weird, especially when you mention friends on twitter hee hee. It was lovely to meet you and thanks for the mention. Its a fabulous blog so keep going. Its amazing how far we have all come xxx

  • what a fab post! we should have a coming out party????

    I love a party *pops off to blow up balloons*

  • Superb post Kerry and you should be proud of what you’ve achieved with your blog. I’m still a little ‘blog shy’ and I wonder what friends would think if they knew. It’s silly really.

    Well done you :) xx

  • Thanks for the lovely mention Kerry. I love your blog and I am so pleased I met you- and your just as lovely in real life too.
    I am still petrified of someone I know finding my blog- its silly but I am. My family read mine but friends have no idea and I hate the thought of them finding out as I worry they will think I’m strange and won’t get it. Still when you put into words like you have I should actually be quite proud of what I have achieved in a short space of time. Still I doubt I will be revealing all just yet but who knows! X

  • Thanks so so so much for the mention.

    I know I blogged in obscurity for a long time, as I did not discover Tots 100 and Brit Mums till end of 2010 but my blog did actually start in August 2009:

    Liska xxx

  • This has been my first chance to comment although I read your post earlier today at work. Thanks for including me :-) You were actually my first official bloggy friend I think (closely followed by Liska) and the first one I felt I clicked with. When we met you were everything I thought you would be and you certainly don’t come across as someone who is nervous and you have no need to worry. You’re one of life’s naturals Kerry and you should be proud of what you have achieved, you achieved it all so quickly as well and with 3 little un’s in tow. I hold my hat off lady!! Looking forward to seeing you and your family next week xx

  • Go you!
    I was at twins club to day and they were all talking about my blog. I was so embarrassed. I don’t know why though, I’m proud of it really. I suppose it’s just when I write it I’m doing it for me and don’t think about anyone else reading it, so it’s a surprise.
    You’re blog is fab and you should be proud of it!

  • Im glad you have a blog as well, love your blog – along with some others you mention, and yes the personal satisfaction makes a blog worth writing

  • Blogging is great and I am proud to blog. I think it is lovely to be able to say thank you to all the people that inspire you. I love your science blog. It really is great to help use your enthusiasm and to see other people taking inspiration from it. I am going to fo the ice and wire trick with the boys outside when it gets colder.

  • What a lovely post written by a very lovely lady. You should be a proud blogger because you’re very good at it, well done you x

  • […] this month! I have learnt over the past few months to be proud of what I have achieved, rather than shy away from talking about […]

  • Did I really never comment on this the first time around? I am so sorry and so ashamed of myself! Pretty sure we talked about it on twitter. Your blog is amazing; professional, happy and a true indication of the person you are. I miss you.

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