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Hyperemesis Gravidarum

I had typical morning sickness in my first pregnancy. I would throw up before work, manage to keep things at bay whilst at work with continuous munching and begin to feel sick again on my way home. I lived off bran flakes and went through 5 boxes in one week! Needless to say my bowel movements were good too!

Nothing prepared me for the sickness with the twins. They were an unexpected pregnancy. Well, who seriously plans a pregnancy when the first-born is only six months old! I was in shock.

It all started when I was having a little emotional week and I thought to myself that I must be due on…then I started to think, hang on when was my last period? Damn New Year and damn alcohol!

So at the end of January I did a test! Negative! So I carried on with my husband saying ‘See told you, you were being ridiculous!’ Two weeks later and still nothing. So I bought a test in town and did it at my Mum’s work. A faint blue line! Oops!

My mum told me to run next door to get a digital test and I squeezed out the last few remaining drops of pee onto the stick! Yep, PREGNANT! Most definitely pregnant! It has only been since having the twins that I have found it is common to get a false negative with a twin pregnancy as your hormone levels are so high.

I immediately felt sick! I kid you not; I thought I was going to throw up then and there. It’s all psychological, I thought to myself, get a grip!

I rang my husband, who answered his phone in the middle of a lesson, because I never ring and he thought something was wrong with our baby! (Yes the one that was only 6 months!!!)

I said ‘There’s a cross!’

He said ’A what?’

‘A cross!’ What has a cross?’

‘Oh shit! I have to teach!’ And the little bugger hung up! I didn’t know how he felt, but he rang back and said he was really pleased, even though more children was happening sooner than expected!

Then the nightmare hit. I had only been back a work a month and was trying to keep things low-key so not to go totally out of favour! However the sickness kicked in. It started just the mornings. Then continued all through the day. Thank God I had an office coming off my classroom, because I would never have made it to the toilets, and also thank god I had a teaching assistant that I was training to be an instructor. She covered for me so many times whilst I ran to throw up. Three weeks of work and I needed a day off; I had been sick seven times that Monday morning and it was only seven in the morning!

I went to the doctor who prescribed me anti sickness tablets, but they just wiped me out! Being asleep would have been fine but I had another child to care for! Additionally I kept worrying about the Thalidomide risks (I know that was a long time ago but they don’t do studies on pregnant women for obvious reasons so how would you know, but I was desperate!) I had only been teaching that the week before with my year tens!

The sickness did not stop. I got signed off. It is called Hyperemesis Gravidarum, which literally means excessive vomiting. My weight began to plummet. They wanted to admit me but I said no, I didn’t want to leave Noah! I started to be sick in the night! Crazy yes, but constant!

I was now coming up to twelve weeks. I got a call from the Doctor’s Surgery. The Doctor told me he had a very worried husband in his office and he needed to see me now!

I hardly had the strength to walk round. When I got there he took one look at me and said ‘You’re going to hospital, you need to be on a drip!’

I was devastated. I didn’t want to leave Noah! But he told me it would be for 12 hours and then I would feel well again! When I got there though, they told me my keytones were very high. This is a measure that says your body is breaking down fat rather than glucose to make energy. They also found I had lost nearly two stone in weight! I looked awful- not white, grey! Have you read Breaking Dawn from the Twilight saga?  How Bella felt pregnant…that was me! I should have tried drinking blood!!

So a drip went up and there I stayed for not 12 hours but five days! They managed to reduce the keytones and get anti-sickness medication in me intravenously so I would not throw it up and the sickness slowed.

I had my scan whilst in hospital and the midwives kept saying, Oh excessive sickness, it’s a sign of twins you know?’ But I didn’t take it seriously, until the scan revealed two little heart beats!

The sickness did not stop until 17 weeks. It was like a light switch! Just stopped.

I have to say it was the most difficult bit of pregnancy and it took me weeks to really gain full health and by that point we knew it was twins and I was starting to just get huge. I feel I really missed out on the ‘blooming’ stage on this pregnancy.

They say sickness gets worse with every pregnancy you have. It still has not put me off!

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13 comments to Hyperemesis Gravidarum

  • Jayne

    I also suffered with this, it's horrible isn't it? In fact, the reason I found out I was pregnant was because I was vomiting so much that I started to bring up blood. I thought I had a bleeding ulcer, but it turns out, the HG had made me vomit so much that I'd torn a hole in my oesophagus! Grim.

  • Reluctant Housedad

    Obviously not something I can directly relate to, but it makes me as a man feel rather lucky that we don't have to go through all that. We just do the 'easy' bit (though that becomes more difficult with age :)

  • Mummy...Mummy.....MUM!!

    That sounds awful!! I've been so lucky with mine and never been sick at all. How did you cope having to look after another baby as well? xx

  • Jennie

    Oh my goodness, this sounds terrible you poor thing! When I was pregnant with Esther and William I was on steroids for the first 12 weeks and they kept the sickness at bay. I kind of feel I missed out by not having any sickness x

  • SAHMlovingit

    Oh my goodness hun, that sounds truly awful. Twins and triplets run in our family and now I'm terrified 😉


  • TheBoyandMe

    Thank you so much for blogging this, I didn't know that there was a medical condition like this. I had nausea 24/7 for 5 months, and suddenly it stopped. My sister used to be so poorly that she had to wake up an hour earlier in the mornings to allow for it.

    Thanks for linking up to SOSC!

  • notyetayummymuumy

    Oh my goodness this is exactly how I'm feeling. In and out of hospital, vomiting all day, wiped out on medication and couldn't care for William. Sorry it was so awful for you too but it is comforting to know I'm not alone and it will stop soon. Thank you, I really enjoy your blog x

  • Jayne

    I also suffered with this, it's horrible isn't it? In fact, the reason I found out I was pregnant was because I was vomiting so much that I started to bring up blood. I thought I had a bleeding ulcer, but it turns out, the HG had made me vomit so much that I'd torn a hole in my oesophagus! Grim.

  • Wish I had read this while I was pregnant with my twins. I had the same experience. Would honestly say it was the worst time in my life – having a daughter to look after as well. No one really understands wither and keeps telling to you try ginger biscuits. Not very helpful

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