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Humour and HobMother’s!

Things have been really slow on the humour recently, partly because things have been hard work with the kids, but as we have moved through that phase, the funny has begun again! I have been having some particularly funny conversations with BBthis past week. His thought processes and humour never cease to amaze me or make me chuckle! That and a visit by the Fairy HobMother who granted my wish has made my week full of smiles and giggles and if you continue reading you got get a wish too!

Conversation 1

N: Anyone want to buy something from my shop

Me: Yes please some eggs, some bread and a banana!

N: Here you go!

Me: How much?

N: £3

N: Anyone want to buy something from my shop?

Auntie E: Yes please I will have some Apples, some washing powder and some chocolate!

N: That’s £3

Auntie E: Bargain! Can I shop again?

N: Yes

Auntie E: Can I have a Ferrari?

N: Yes that’s £3!


Conversation 2

BBon the way home!

N: It’s my birthday next isn’t it Mummy?

Me: No darling your birthday is not after Christmas.

N: But I want a Father Christmas Cake?

Me: Sure, we can make one for Christmas.

Noah: No, Mummy, I want a Father Christmas Cake for my Birthday for when I’m 4!

Me: Oh really? Your Birthday’s in June!

N: Yes Mummy…he’s my favourite!

Conversation 3

Me: I love you Noah

N: I Love you Mummy

Me : I love you more

N: I love you more

Me: I love to you to the moon

N: I love you….to the shop!

Humour and HobMother's Multiple Mummy

The shops are far away Mummy!

Conversation 4 

Me: (Whist BBis sitting on the toilet) Noah, are you really in need of a wee wee?

Noah: Yes Mummy

Me: Why is it taking so long?

Noah: It’s shy Mummy


Then for a bit of ahh factor…

Noah: Mummy where is my treasure? (he had found a penny on the pavement)

Me: Down the side of the car

BB: Yum yum it’s yummy mummy

Me: It’s not chocolate Noah, its real treasure, don’t eat it.

Noah: I’m only pretending..chocolate treasure is so much better.

Me: Why’s that?

Noah: Because then we can share and eat it, and snuggle up and watch cbeebies!

Bless him (heart melts)

So as I now have your attention with the ahh factor, I also have another lovely thing to tell you that will put smiles on your face! I was visited by the Fairy HobMother this week for being a hardworking blogger, who granted my wish of a handheld hoover as my hubby had refused to buy me one for christmas.

The Fairy HobMother who works for Appliances Online would like to continue to spread this happiness on to other hardworking bloggers and she informs me that if you comment on this post and also mention your wish you find yourself getting a visit!

So this has made my week and I am one chuffed octopus!

Hope you continue to have a funny week and a few giggles!

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38 comments to Humour and HobMother’s!

  • Aw kids can say the sweetest and sometimes most diverse things…Noah sounds so cute!

    This week has been an uphill battle in our house with my cookers ceramic hob cracking so unable to use anything but the oven! OK so with a convection microwave that’s no problem I thought…. until the extra use has made the poor 12 YO appliance so scared it went pop – literally!!!

    This week has consisted of anything that can go in the oven and running across to a neighbours to microwave veg – with 4 children that’s a challenge…a little fairy Hobmother magic would certainly help in my house right now xx

  • Aww how sweet. My 4yo can come out with some gems like that sometimes. I must remember to record them.

    I wish that the blogger who truly needs the wish gets their granted as I cannot wish for anything small that I don’t need, and wouldn’t wish for large white goods x Blowing the wish on xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Oh bless him. He loves you to the shop. That is so adorable. And I’m glad that the Fairy Hobmother touched you with some magic. Yay, for per-Christmas miracles. xx

  • Aww that’s so cute to read all the little conversations – I love the things they say at that age.

    How fantastic that you had a visit from the Fairy Hob Mother too! I have a wish for her but I’m not sure if it is too big so apologies if it is. One thing that I dread everyday is the seemingly endless cycles of washing up. I have never had a dishwasher and although it was top of my list when we moved last time, it never happened. My kitchen is not big enough for a full or even slimline one but a table top one could fit I’m sure. I think I’d cry with happiness if I got one – my days would suddenly get so much easier!

  • Such lovely conversations. I miss mine being young enough to come out with those gems!
    As for the Fairy HobMother, we pile through appliances at Coombemill and a visit of any sort is always welcome!

  • Aah that is so lovely! They do come out with the most brilliant things at that age! My wish would be that my children have the most fantastic Christmas!!00

  • What cute conversations! Mummy’s just desperate for me to be able to say “I love you” back. I’m going to keep her waiting a little bit longer. As for loving you as far as the shop, well! That’s really far! You are one lucky octopus!

    Now, the Fairy HobMother – that’s a mean link because it goes straight through to a beautiful range cooker, the likes of which Mummy’s dreamt of having for about 20 years! (Yes, she really is that old and boring!) She wouldn’t wish for one of those because that would be too much, and thankfully everything else is working fine at the moment, so like Budgeting Mum, we’ll blow on the wish xxxx

  • He wouldn’t get you a hoover for Christmas? Bad daddy!! Mine got me one for Valentine’s!! Laughed out loud at the shy wee wee, and especially like the sadistic streak of Noah’s Aunty.
    Now, Fairy Hobmother – my washing machine broke down this week! Really and truly. What do you think about that? Worth a visit??

  • oooh lucky you with the hoover!

    I love the conversations..especially loving you to the shop :-)) bless him. xx

  • That’s mega-cute! I love the things they say.

    And wahoo on the Fairy Hobmother visit!

  • I love that the Fairy Hobmother bought you a handheld as the husband wouldn’t get you one…does he not realise how these things can transform your life! I bought myself one after last Christmas as I didn’t get one either!
    I love your conversations with Noah, he sounds like a lovely boy & can’t wait to meet him

  • Ah your Noah sounds delightful. I can’t wait for mine to say ‘I love you’ back. I think he knows what it means because he smiles and kisses me when I say it but he hasn’t realised the reply is ‘I love you too!’

    I hope your husband is going to buy you something lovely instead of the requested handheld? All I need is a new kettle to replace my broken lidded one. This one takes too long to boil and is no good in tea emergencies.

  • sue willshee

    Please can I shop at Noah’s store? I’ll do all my christmas shopping there if every purchase only costs £3 – what a bargain :-)

    I’d love a visit from the Fairy Hobmother because my kettle blew up last week so I went to get a new one and it worked beautifully for a few days, then suddenly decided it didn’t want to switch itself off! So until I get around to returning it to the shop I have to try and remember not to leave the kitchen when the kettle’s on!

    Speaking of hubbies and their cruel / kind appliance giving, on our first Christmas together I was thrilled to see a huge pile of pressies under our tree. I unwrapped the first one and it was a frying pan, I laughed and unwrapped the second – a milk pan… the 6th saucepan I realised that it wasn’t a joke and he truly thought that a pan set would be a lovely gift….
    Ah bless him, he meant well. But ever since then my hints just before Christmas have been much less subtle, along the lines of ‘you see this particular jumper here, in this colour?? Well if I had one of those in size 14 I’d be really pleased’.

    Daisy is a bit too small to have proper conversations with at the mo (11 months) but she does make me laugh because if she hears anyone say ‘dog’ she goes ‘oof oof’ and if anyone on TV mentions a snake she goes ‘thssssss’.

    Piper aged 4 is like Noah in terms of how much she loves us, when we say ‘love you more’ Piper says ‘I love you thiiiiiisssss much’ and stretches her arms out as far as she can.

    I can only hope she’ll always love us that much :-)

    • Yes i know the feeling… and my Mum will sympathise as one christmas she got a stocking from my Dad in it was polish, dusters and latex gloves! Needless to say, not best pleased! Obvious hints are best! Have you seen Noah’s video of his arm is very funny and especially when he talks about the twins.


  • Kids say such wonderful things. I’m hoping to have chats like that with my grandson soon.. he’s only 11months but already never keeps quiet!
    I was in our new HUGE Tesco (it’s the biggest one in Wales apparently) yesterday and thought ‘ that sounds like our Ashley’ after hearing a baby screeching happily. I walked around trying to find where the noise was coming from and sure enough at the other end of the store there was future Daughter in Law and her mum with the grandson!!

    I hope the Fairy Hobmother can visit me too, my dishwasher is on it’s last dregs..

  • Aaahh a lovely post. Children say and do the funniest things. A bit like your Ferrari we can buy an ipad for the same price as beans and bread in Poppy’s shop haha.

    I would love a bit of fairy dust sprinkled this way please . I have been very good lately I promise :-)

    Husband wont buy me a cleaner for Christmas so I would love one of those little magic Hoovers that do it all themselves. I swear I hoover and mop x3 a day sometimes. Children & Husbands are so messy! xx

  • love the things they come out with, my discussion with granddaughter this week (just 9) was on the afterlife. Have I been there, what was it like, have I ever been there and come back again into another life, do I think she has been here before as somebody else….where do they get the ideas I have to wonder?

    If I had a wish for the fairy hobmother it would be to own one of these please|mckv|sXs8PQTK5&pcrid=8356316454|plid| as I never got round to owning an actifryer and I always fancied one of them.

  • AW! Can you please pass on to N that I would like 5 bottles of gin *holds out £3 expectantly*

    Very very cute! I too love you all the way to the shop 😉

  • Hi
    I found every single one of those mini-stories highly entertaining and I am really looking forward to Aaron being at that stage now – he already makes me laugh a fair bit :-)
    In terms of a wish, the only thing I would really really love is a WOK, as I have started to make a lot of stir frys as Aaron absolutely loves NOODLES :-)
    Great post – loved it,
    Liska x

  • missy

    Loved reading this took me back to when my kids were little Oh happy days!

  • […] stuff by Dear Beautiful Boy, who likes white! Now for some exciting news! A while back I read a funny blog post, where the author had been visited by The Fairy Hobmother. Said fairy was offering out washing […]

  • awww…I like cuddles on the couch and chocolate, too! I like his thinking!

    We have been hit by multiple rounds of the flu-and-whatever-is-going-round over the past few weeks. While I’m improving on my horizontal leaps with the puke bucket, Pea has still christened every bathroom in the house. Did I mention that the house we are renting is COMPLETELY carpeted? Yes, in the bathrooms too.

    So between puking children and errant wees, I could really, truly use one of those steam mops (but I don’t think they do those.) Otherwise, something to keep my wine cold, to help me get through the revolving door that is the sickroom, would be wishful thinking!

    • Carpeted bathrooms?! Oh no that is terrible – the smell clings doesn’t it? You poor things, I hope you are all feel better soon. It is hard for a Mum looking after everyone when poorly – you must be exhausted.

      I am not able to help you with a mop, but if we ever meet I will get you that glass of wine!

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