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How to make Nature Peg Dolls!

We love getting out and about for nature walks and are so lucky that we have a nature trail right on our back doorstep with woodland as well as park land!

We have collected natured finds before using sticky dots in my Outdoor craft adventure with the kids loved and is perfect for little ones, but today we decided to make the ‘finds’ into something, and we decided to dress old style wooden pegs into dolls. You can buy these pegs from any craft store.

First of all go out armed with little bags and find all the treasures you think might make a nice outfit. You will need to find small sticks for arms and think about what will be the skirt, top and hat!

How to make Nature Peg Dolls!  Multiple Mummy

On a hunt for nature clothes!

When you return you will need glue, scissors, garden string/yarn and a pen.


How to make Nature Peg Dolls! Multiple Mummy

What you need!

Put on the skirt with a bit of glue


How to make Nature Peg Dolls! Multiple Mummy

Stick on the skirt with a leaf of choice!

Tie on the Arms with string.


How to make Nature Peg Dolls! Multiple Mummy

Tie on the arms (stick) with string!

Add the hat and top and then stand up on a blob of play dough or hang it on a line!

How to make a Nature peg doll: Multiple Mummy

Like the yellow hat?


and of course we had to make one each!

How to make nature peg dolls, Multiple Mummy

Little trio of dolls!


Don’t you think they look cute?

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