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Hot Cheese Scones!

These cheese scones are the ones my Mother in Law makes and that I crave every time we visit. They are absolutely delicious hot with butter in the middle! The best part is that you can freeze them and if you suddenly get un expected guests can pull a few out and left them defrost a few mins and then stick them straight in the oven to heat through and voila, an instant home-made rustle up!

You will need:

8oz plain flour

3tsp of baking powder

(or 80z self-raising with half tsp of baking powder)

20z of butter

2-40z of tasty cheese (a strong cheddar or Gruyère cheese are lovely and I always go on the 40z size!)


1 tsp of dried mustard powder (this can be optional)

Scant quarter pint of milk


1. Mix the flour and butter until resemble fine bread crumbs

Hot Cheese Scones Multiple Mummy

Today's little helpers!

2. Add the cheese mustard powder, salt and pepper and stir

3. Pour in the milk until sticky but not too wet (don’t use it all if this becomes the case). Make into dough

Hot Cheese Scones Multiple Mummy

The dough!

4. Pat/roll out in flat shape and cut out scones – keep flattening until you use all the mixture if you can. Use a floured surface and use pastry cutter.

Hot Cheese Scones Multiple Mummy

All cut out!


5. Bake in hot oven at 220c 425f or gas mark 7 for 10 minutes.

Hot Cheese Scones Multiple Mummy

Note: Do not leave Little Madam unattended with the flour!

Hot Cheese Scones Multiple Mummy

Out the oven...Mmmmm smell nice!

Cut in half, smother with butter and enjoy!

Hot Cheese Scones Multiple Mummy


Also great with a bowl of soup as we come into the chilly season (well soon we will, don’t be deceived by this sun!)

This recipe is part of Reluctant Housedad’s Recipe Shed!

Recipe Shed

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