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Hand Therapy

When I trained as an Occupational therapist, I had a placement in hand therapy. I learnt to make splints for patients that had varying conditions affecting their hands, namely osteoarthritis. There conditions affected range of movement and caused considerable pain. The treatment and therapy we issued eased the symptoms but would never cure them. The frustration of being of being able to do the simplest of tasks like doing up your shirt buttons, holding a pen and having a strong grip was clear on the face of every patient I treated. It made me look at hands in a new way. The magic of what they are capable of. The importance of a thumb and the fact it can oppose and touch every finger on the same hand. The levels of dexterity we get and the fine motor skills we develop, that mean we can accomplish fiddly jobs like buttons (a task BB is still attempting to learn.)

My three are still finding out and discovering what their hands can do every day! Here is a tribute to their hands!

Hand Therapy

Playing with sand

 Hand Therapy, Multiple Mummy

Picking ones nose!

Hand Therapy, Multiple Mummy, Hands

 Getting messy (by the way sudocrem is a nightmare to remove!)

Hand Therapy, Multiple Mummy, Hands

 Sporting attempts (Wimbledon, here we come!)

Hand Therapy, Multiple Mummy, Hands

 Swinging high

Hand Therapy, Multiple Mummy, Hands

 Swinging free (amazing grip and strength Little Lady)

Hand therapy, Hands, Multiple Mummy

 Hand in hand

Hand therapy, hands, multiple mummy


 Hand Therapy, Hands, Multiple Mummy

 One on one quality time!

Hand therapy, Hands, Multiple Mummy


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