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Halloween Witch Cake

BBand I ventured into the kitchen again for some baking for Halloween. He was very excited about making a witch cake, he came shopping with me, he helped me make the cake, and he delighted in licking the mixer ‘lollipop’ as he calls it, and then slowly but surely the novelty wore off. The cake did not cook in the 5 seconds he hoped for, and the putting together involved lots of chocolate, in which he got distracted by sampling lots of it. He was, despite the wait and distractions very pleased with the end result.

I am going to call her Myrtle!

So to make this cake you will need:

Your favourite chocolate cake recipe ingredients

Dairy Milk – 2 x 100g bars

Matchstick makers

Halloween pumpkin smartie egg

Ice cream cone

Decorating writing icing

Liquorice laces

Chocolate fingers

Mini chocolate rolls

Halloween Witch Cake Multiple Mummy

Things you need!


1. Grease up a pudding bowl well (this is to make the skirt) and put a small circle of grease proof paper at the top as this will make the cake come out easier.

2. Make up your cake mixture

3. Pop into the bowl and put in the oven on 160 degrees of 25 -30 mins. It may take longer as the cake will be deep!

4. Take out and leave to cool, the tip out onto a cooling rack.

Halloween Witch Cake Multiple Mummy

5. Cut out a hole in the centre of the cake and pop in one of the mini rolls (for the body)

6. Melt the diary Milk chocolate and pour over the cake and smooth round the edges to keep the mini roll firm.

7. Add you decorations and pop into the fridge to set.

8. Take the wrapper off the pumpkin smartie egg. Get an ice cream cone and with the leftover chocolate stick in some liquorice laces either side as hair, then use some more chocolate to stick to the pumpkin egg. You now have the head. Decorate with writing icing for eyes, nose and mouth and the hat!

9. Take the cake out the fridge. Take two finger biscuits and cur at diagonals one end and straight at the bottom. Stick the diagonal ends to the body as arms.

10. Stick some liquorice to the bottom of a matchstick maker for the broom.

11. Stick on the head and position the broom!

12. Voila! One witch cake.

Hope you have fun making.

Halloween Witch Cake Multiple Mummy

BBenjoying his 'Lollipop"

A Marvelous Mess

ShowOff Showcase

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