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Half Term fun with Warner Brother Bumper Box

I told you this week how Warner Brothers spoilt me with a Valentines Treat, but they also went one step further as they provided me with a package to entertain the children.

We received this fabulous bunch of goodies, including

  • A Bumper box of toons DVD’s
  • Volume One of Scooby Doo – Mystery Incorporated
  • Volume Two of Scooby Doo – Mystery Incorporated
  • A Scooby Doo activity book
  • Some Scooby doo putty
  • A bag of Malteasers
  • Some Scooby sweets
Half term fun with warner brothers bumper box, Multiple Mummy

The bumper box of goodies!

BBwas thrilled. He has just started getting into Scooby Doo and wanting to go that one step up from Kiddy Programs. It made him feel very grown up to be able to watch his special DVD’s when the twins were not around. Each DVD has four episodes on it and is an hour and 26 minutes long in total. BBwas so excited when he opened it to find stickers inside!

Half term fun with warner brothers bumper box, Multiple Mummy

Half term fun with warner brothers bumper box, Multiple Mummy

Loving Scooby Doo!

They all loved the box of toons. BBhas loved Baby Loony Toons for a while now and so he found it funny to see them grown up. He thought they were the Mummy or the Daddy – he can’t visualise what growing up is I don’t think. It contain 10 DVD’s each based on cartoons of a different toon. All the ones I remember from when I was a kid when my Nana use to record them off the TV – good old Tom and Jerry, my Dad’s favourite Wile E. Coyote and Road runner and Tweetie Pie! They are still as funny as I remember them.

The activity book is a little advanced for BBat the moment but he starts school this September so will be one to keep to one side as a treat.

Lets just say that the Malteasers did not last long at all! One for each of the children, three for Mummy, one for each of the children….oh yes three for Mummy!


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