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Guilty Pleasures

Forgive me husband, for I have sinned! Yes I am going to admit to the world (or at least those that read my blog) my guilty pleasure and that is….PRISON BREAK! Or more to the point Michael Schofield played by the gorgeous Wentworth Miller.

I know that @CosmicGirlie will understand this – I believe she is quite hooked at the moment. I know my sister in law will understand this and I also know that one of my closest friends who I shall refer to as W will understand this! This is more than a crush…it is an obsession.

‘I think part of me may actually love him’ were the words that came out of W’s mouth when having dinner with the girls one night and I totally agree. She can love him from afar though because he’s mine I tell you….ALL MINE!

Now I have to say my husband (who I keep trying to persuade to get tattoo’s all over him but he is having none of it…plus he is a little skinnier than Wentworth and it might not look the same!) is very understanding to my plight. In fact when I was mourning over the fact that I had finished every episode he sent me this lovely card covered in pictures from Prison break including Wentworth!

So I thank my husband for letting me indulge in this guilty pleasure and leave you with this!

Guilty Pleasures Multiple Mummy

Oh Wentworth....Mwha!!!!

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