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Great Garden Moments

We don’t have a fancy garden. It is a functional family garden. It is colourful, sadly not due to the luscious array of flowers and blooms but due to the sheer volume of colourful plastic that spreads out across out lawn (or moss and weed covered mud) that is played with daily.

It is a corner plot shape and scoops around two sides of the house. We don’t have a patio but do have a bit of decking and the lawn is not big enough for football, but we are lucky because we have a nature trail at the back of our house with a huge field where we can play such games.

We adore our garden. To us it is an extra room. An extension of the house, and unless it is howling a hoony, blizarding or raining cats and dogs the children are out in it.

We love to BBQ and entertain. We love to host kiddies birthday parties, particularly when they can play outdoors.

The garden creates much happiness.

Here are some of our great garden moments so far this year and we are entering them into the great garden moments competition in the hope to win some lovely furniture which could mean that we could comfortably sit out and enjoy the children playing, especially with the summer holidays coming up!

Great Garden Moments

Bubble Fun – this was back in February, but it was so warm then!

Great Garden Moments, Multiple Mummy

Easter Garden – the temperature dropped in April and we were back to the coats but the children loved making their Easter Garden in the garden!

Great Garden Moments, Multiple Mummy

Paddling pool Fun! Hot hot hot and we Multiple Daddy and I blew this up with human air! It took over an hour. That has to score us extra brownie points!

Great Garden Moments, Multiple Mummy

Mud pies and hoovering the lawn – Obviously!

Great Garden Moments, Multiple Mummy

We are looking forward to the summer when Daddy is off for the school holidays so we can spend some more time playing in the garden.


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