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Fresh Eyes for 2012

Well it has been a really busy Christmas break and after completing the final advent calendar post (I really hope you lot enjoyed those comps as they were exhausting to run) I took a mini blog break with the view to come back and review with fresh eyes in the New Year and start to evaluate what the year of 2012 could hold.

I have had a delightful but quiet (this does not include the kiddies noise) 2011 and managed to let a whole year pass not pregnant! It was finished off by the most brilliant Christmas with family and fabulous New Year with friends where hubby and I put to the test some of Lorraine Pascale’s recipes.

I have so many hopes for this year and I really do have good vibes. I pray that these senses are correct.

Things that are pretty much certain this year are…

I will turn 30!

The twins will start Pre-school

I will witness my sister marrying her lovely Fiancé

BBwill start school! (Ahhh not ready at all!)

I will embark on potty training the last twin and have all three out of nappies!

I will celebrate my husband’s 40th


Things that I hope to achieve

Cherish the joy of my children as they turn 4 and 3

To become a better blogger– to improve my appalling spelling and just be more attentive to my writing and to attempt to make my writing more interesting. I have grown addicted to blogging, a hobby 11 months ago I knew nothing about and really would love to keep you as readers and hopefully get some more.

To read more books, papers, blogs and magazines. I miss reading!

Attend one of the Mummy blogger conferences of which I am looking for a sponsor so if you would like me to represent you please email me!

To complete the twins 1st year scrapbooks before they turn 3 years old!

Be open to all opportunities – not to shy away and be scared. Basically the aim is to have more confidence in myself.

Become more time efficient (Yes very far-fetched and highly unlikely but I am an eternal optimist and did say ‘hope”)

Consider expanding the family????

So don’t you think it sounds like it could actually hold a lot of exciting prospects? I am not at all worried about turning 30 – I love birthdays and I really feel it could be the start of a decade of new things and I say ‘bring it on!’

So a look back on 2011…

fresh eyes for 2012

Some of the best bits!

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