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Food Glorious Food!

Until I had children I had never really been into food.

As a child I was that annoying picky eater that didn’t like fruit and vegetables, lumps or anything that looked slightly strange.

Sauces had to be smooth. They still do really (lumps of tomato or onion make me shudder!) but I love the flavor!

Dry things have to stay dry and bakes beans had to be in a separate bowl so as not to contaminate my chips!

I had never tried fish until 18 years old.

My staple diet at university was chicken dippers and tomato sauce.

It wasn’t until my second year that friends started to sort me out. Making me taste things but knowing I could spit them out. Cooking me proper meals. Finding ways to make me try to explore and appreciate food.

I think the texture thing has a lot to answer for. That is why I don’t care if I blitz sauces for my children that are contained full of flavor and vegetables, as long as they enjoy and eat it on their pasta. There is nothing worse than the fear of sitting down for a meal and worrying that it is something you don’t like.

Since children my diet has changes considerably. Green vegetables are on every plate and I love them. I never thought I would say that (well excluding runner beans which are stringy and peas which are knobbly!)

We eat a lot of fish. There is not one meat I dislike.

I have tried food from overseas including real Thai, Chinese, Italian, French and Croatian! Yummy.

I try to encourage my children to eat as best we can. None of us are still that keen on fruit, but the twins are banana crazy, and BB will eat apples (with no skin) and smoothies go down well.

However we love baking. Oh yes the sweet treats and the things you not should eat. None of us are picky over those!

Here are some of the yummy treats we have made so far!

1. Jam Tarts

Food glorious food, Multiple Mummy

2. Pink Pig Cakes

Food glorious food, Multiple Mummy

3. Melt in the mouth Cheese Biscuits

Food glorious food, Multiple Mummy

4. Malteaser Cookies

Food glorious food, Multiple Mummy

5. Patriotic Cupcakes (perfect for the Olympics!)

Food glorious food, Multiple Mummy


Hope you fancy making some of these!




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