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Flowers, ironing and a short journey!

Three months ago I cursed when Kerry threw a top down the stairs and asked me to iron it. I really hate ironing her dresses and tops with all their frilly bits and pieces. How things can change …….

On Wednesday I eagerly ironed Kerry’s clothes. She has been moved to Colchester and the first step is to get her dressed and used to wearing ‘day clothes’ again. She has reputation of being the ‘best dressed’ patient to uphold so I even took my time and even ironed her pyjamas. How lovely it was to see her sitting in a chair in her GAP sweatshirt, hair cut and awake.

So after nearly two months, Kerry has been moved from the Addenbrook’s. She received the most fantastic care from a dedicated team of professionals. So we really are on the rehab road. It will take time for her to settle as the journey from Cambridge confused her and made her very tired.

There is no doubt that Kerry has arrived in Colchester. We have turned her room into a ‘Multiple Mummy’ Grotto. There are photos everywhere and even some bunting. I have waited so long but I could even buy my wife some flowers and it did n’t even matter that they had to be artificial. I have now been able to see her everyday and yesterday she squeezed my hand without prompting.

I am looking forward to seeing some of her ‘blogging’ friends this evening at the MAD Blog Awards. Even though I haven’t met most of you, there is no doubt that your friendship is so important in Kerry’s life and she will be missing you all so much. I would say I will have a glass of wine for Kerry but I think it would be more appropriate to do it in Kerry style…. I will order a glass and take a sip and then leave it untouched for the rest of the evening. That certainly won’t happen to my glass of red.

On other news, I know it is always nice to watch the children role play but Little Madam woke me this morning a 4.45 with her baby. ‘Daddy need wipe, Baby has done a poo.’ The ‘school run’ has become less fun with the onset of the rain and I have now given up dressing Chilled Out Boy until the last minute. He looks very smart at 7.15 and then by 8.15 he is either naked, covered in cereal, spilt milk or juice or dressed as a pirate.

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