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Five things I want you to know about your father

Dear my Beautiful Children,

You won’t understand or realise these things yet, but these are five things I want you know about your Daddy…

Five things I want you to know about your Father

Always play time with Daddy!

1. Your Daddy has the gentlest of souls and is the most sensitive man I know. He feels things deeply but is careful never to let you see him anxious or worried. He does not need to shout the loudest or be the biggest because he has presence the moment he walks into a room.

2. Your Daddy’s presence has made him the most phenomenal teacher and he has touched the lives of hundreds of teenagers. Never doubt his knowledge or wisdom.

3. Your Daddy thinks that sarcasm and dry wit is the funniest of all humour! I don’t always get it, my friends find him bizarre at times and so will you. Humour him…we can’t all be as witty as your Mother!

4. Your Daddy definitely has some kind of psychic ability. He will not admit this but he knew BBwas a boy and he knew I was pregnant with you twinnies before the scan. There have been many occasions when he has ‘predicted things’ that then go on to happen.

5. You are your Daddy’s world and light. There is not a thing he would not do for you. Your are his happiness (and mine) through and through. Our family is home to us.

This is part of the Friday Club Parenting carnival from Notes from Home

Friday Club
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