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Fireman Sam Alphabet Rescue Review

BBloves Fireman Sam and he is very lucky that his lovely Godmother buys him Fireman Sam sets to collect for birthday’s and Christmas, so when we were offered the opportunity t review the new Fireman Sam Alphabet Rescue board, I thought it would be great, especially as BBstarts school in September and I feel we should be introducing more letters than just his name.

The board itself is shaped like Firman Sam’s Jupiter Fire engine and has all the letters of the alphabet across the side of it in large lower case letter, which are a ‘normal’ font. It often annoys me when they make kids letter in a shape that they would not learn at school. It is confusing for them.  Fireman Sam speaks throughout asking questions.

Fireman Sam Alphabet Rescue Review, Multiple Mummy

The boards have five game features

1. Letter names and sounds. Children tend to learn their letters at school by phonics, which is the sound of the letter. I thought this feature was good, as when you pressed on the key it told you the name of the letter, what it sounded like and gave an example. Now I don’t know whether phonics have changed since I last did ERR training (which is the early reading research programme  and it may not even exist anymore) but some of the letter sounds are incorrect is this is the case however the naming of letter is perfect.

2. This is a can you find the letter exercise – so being able to put the letter shape to the name. This is good for things like teaching them letters in their name.

3. First letter of the word. This is extending them somewhat so would definitely see a child through reception year with this board, as recognising letters by sound in a word is quite challenging.

4.  This time it is asking for the letter that comes after. This is ensuring that children know the alphabet sequence.

5. Music and sounds. The one that all three of mine love and the one that I hate with a passion as it is so annoying.

BBhas enjoyed playing with this, and has found it to be some good quality Daddy and BBtime at bedtime.

Fireman Sam Alphabet Rescue Review, Multiple Mummy

That letter Daddy!

Fireman Sam Alphabet Rescue Review, Multiple Mummy

I am going to be 4 on my birthday Daddy!

My only two negatives of this toy are that the siren sound all the time, after correct answers is really very annoying and compared to other learning toys on the market I feel it is quite expensive for £20.

It is a toy suitable for ages 3 and above, and is one that will grow with them, that eventually they can play independently but does ensure quality time with parents to play in the beginning.

I would give this toy 3.5 stars out of 5.

Disclosure. I was sent the Fireman Sam Alphabet Rescue for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own.

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