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Fingerprint Flower Pots (not quite as I imagined)

I had this really lovely idea that we could make some really pretty flowerpots using a green hand print for the stalks of a plant and doing fingerprints in a circle at the top in different colours for the petals. I could see how it would look in my head and thought it would be a nice colourful feature for some of our summer flowers.

Colourful it is but not quite as ‘finishes’ as I imagined because what I forgot to consider was that I was asking two two-year olds and a 4-year-old to master this precision and of course in the excitement it just became messy. This is because

1. If you put paints out in front of toddlers, despite being told not to touch (poor teased children) they of course all stuck their hands into the paint.

2. Toddlers are not precise – a hand print is not neatly placed at the bottom of the pot for long stalk, it is splattered smack bang in the middle and smudged somewhat too!

3. The dexterity for a two-year old that involves spreading the fingers was harder for them than I had realised.

4. Fingerprinting is fun for five minutes and then they just want to draw with their fingers!

Any how this is how our pot started and finished. Fingerprint Flower pots, Multiple Mummy

Fingerprint flowerpots, Multiple Mummy

But it is not about the end product really is it? (Tries to hide the perfectionist in me and the need to shout – ‘no, not like that, like this!” :P)

If you like craft and cooking activities do check out my Family craft and cooking fun page for more ideas!

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