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Family Fun Twitter Competition with @VolvocarUK on 27th May

An exciting twitter competition is being launched on the 27th May run by @VolvoCarUK.

Every hour a family themed prized with be given away which will include fabulous experiences like adventure weekends and digital camera!

Volvo prides itself on looking after the Family as a car manufacturer and pays attentions to key details like safety and comfort. We all know how hard travel as a family with kids can be. I am constantly wishing there were easier ways to get three toddlers safety into a car and that is even before they are strapped in and seated!

Driving has never been something that has come naturally to me (six *cough* ahem tests) but I passed finally at 24. I have never owned my own car and have always shared my husbands and since having children I have always been more cautious behind the wheel.

We know that the moment you start engine you are effectively in charge of a powerful machine that has the ability to cause damage, so any means to help to protect the safety of those in the car and those outside is of key importance. The Volvo V60 has groundbreaking technology incorporated into its system that help it to monitor traffic, pedestrians and can even apply the brakes to slow you down to avoid any unwanted collisions keeping you and your family and any families walking around safe.

Family Fun Twitter Competition with @VolvocarUK on 27th May, Multiple Mummy

Not only is it safe and has great ergonomics to seat a family of five but a large boot space and lots of storage as well!  We know that when we travel as a family is not usually light and that things like bikes and roof racks need to be added which can all be accessorised on the V60.

So how do you get involved in this new Volvo campaign.

Well firstly sign yourself up to twitter and follow @VolvoCarUK

Watch out for them asking questions throughout the day…for example

Where was your best Family Holiday?

Then tweet your answer using the hashtag #V60getaway. (Don’t forget you only have 140 characters!)

So my answer would be…

The Lake District. You don’t mind the weather as puddle splashing is awesome plus Beatrix Potter,

Fudge and Stunning views! #V60getaway

Wishing you lots of luck and let me know if you win! I shall be playing on the day too.





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