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Family Frolics – Sand Play

Welcome back to Family Frolics.

We have been snowed under lately (when I say we, I actually mean me and my husband) and so family days out have slowed right down. We have had to keep things local and what has surprised me the most is that the children don’t seem to mind at all. As long as it is fun, usually outdoors and a play space they love it.

We have found ourselves at the park a lot this week, and it has been a bonus that the weather has been really warm. The park up our road (about ten minutes away) has a huge sand pit in it and I have remembered to keep buckets and spades to hand under the pushchair so that they can play. It is amazing the creativity that stems from sand play.

From building the perfect castle (and if you want to find out how check out the science sparks post on castle making) to building wall, sand teddies and mountains they have had a ball, and we spend at least an hour in the sand pit alone. The shoes and socks come off and the play begins. It is actually lovely to find an activity where I can sit and watch without needing to be involved all the time. It is a joy to watch.

So for the summer months the buckets and spades shall live under the pushchair so I have them with me all the time, as quite often we do impromptu park visits.

Who thought you could have so much fun so simply!

Family Frolics- sand play

So what have you been up to this week?

Do come and share your family fun here and link up below.

Looking forward to reading them.

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